Wellness Tests and Treatments in Bucks County PA

Do you have unexplained headaches, allergies, anxiety, or digestive problems?

Such complaints are very common and can be caused by a variety of triggers–but while they often go undiagnosed for years, a series of wellness tests may be able to quickly identify the problem.

Sometimes health complications can be due to surprisingly simple reasons like food intolerances, or mineral and vitamin deficiencies and/or excesses.

Skilled wellness practitioners can run a series of wellness tests to pinpoint the problems, so that the necessary adjustments can be made to your lifestyle and diet.

At the Cryo Spa Natural Healing Center in Bucks County PA, we can test your hair for trace mineral content, check for food intolerances and allergies, and provide expert dietary guidance that will ease you back to wellness.

Hair Minerals

Trace minerals are essential in countless metabolic functions; we can analyze a sample of your hair quickly and easily to identify mineral deficiencies or excesses that may be harming your health…


Food Intolerance

Could the foods you are eating be making you sick? Food intolerances result in digestive problems and other symptoms that impact normal eating habits and the ability to enjoy full lifestyles. We can help you test for food intolerances…


Dietary Consult

Our certified Shiatsu therapists are trained in Chinese medicine and will help you restore balance to your body. A series of lab tests will identify any imbalances and then we can design a dietary plan to ease you back to wellness…


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