Mobile Cryo Spa™

Cryo On The Go

Mobile Cryo Spa™ is a mobile cryotherapy chamber recently created by A-Cryo Technologies.

It is a trailer with a cryosauna inside, equipped with a changing room and shelves, It is furnished with an AC/heater to make you comfortable in any weather, with enhanced ventilation, and with HEPA purifying device to clear air from any viral or bacterial infections.

Cryotherapy is always great!
And it is an optimal solution for an extra – care now,  during COVID-19 times! The Cryotherapy Sessions have a strong ability to enhance our immune system to keep infections and viruses at bay.

Mobile Cryo Spa™ is here to offer you

  • heightened protection from viral and bacterial infections

  • help with any inflammation and pain

  • speedy recovery

  • treatment for joint pain

  • complete rejuvenation, de-stressing and better sleep

At this point of time Cryo Spa doesn’t offer any types of massage, shiatsu, compression therapy, Celluma, Cryoskin.

The importance of extra-protection is impossible to over-emphasize in current times.

To reduce risks and to heighten benefits of Cryotherapy:

  • in Mobile Cryo Spa ™ unit there is only you and certified cryo therapist who assists you with procedure

  • in Mobile Cryo Spa ™ you will be the only one taking procedure in this designated space / time slot

  • in Mobile Cryo Spa ™ unit is a highly ventilated space which has close connection with outdoor air and the unit is equipped with HEPA air purifying device to clean air from viral aerosols.

  • To experience full benefits of Cryotherapy the session  duration is between 3mins to 5mins

  • To receive cryotherapy procedure please wear mask



Restore your life the natural way.

Cryotherapy is increasingly used in the U.S. to treat a wide range of chronic, inflammatory, and autoimmune diseases. As the first Whole-Body Cryotherapy center on the East Coast, we have a long history of healing guests and the experience needed to back that up. At the Cryo Spa Natural Healing Center in Bucks County PA, our certified and experienced Cryotherapists will guide you through your cryotherapy.

The Benefits

What Our Customers Are Saying

Jennapher Frederick visits Cryo Spa in Holland PA to learn how cryotherapy can help athletes recover from muscle fatigue quicker, increase their energy and improve their overall wellness.
Arthristis Sufferers visit Cryo Spa Natural Healing Center in Holland PA to find out how cryotherapy can ease arthritis pain.

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