Shiatsu MassageShiatsu is a massage technique that finds its roots in the traditional Chinese medicine but has now grown famous all over the world owing to all the benefits it offers. The term ‘shiatsu’ stands for “finger pressure,” which clearly describes how the technique works. Shiatsu massage involves the therapist applying pressure on different pressure points on the body using her/his hands, thumbs, feet, knees, and elbows. The focus of the massage is on stretching and rotating joins, limbs, and pressure points.

The development of these techniques in Chinese medicine and their difference to how the West approaches dealing with health concerns lies in the difference in perspective of the western and the eastern world. While the world of the West sees illnesses as issues that need to be dealt with, usually with the help of medication, the East believes that illnesses are the result of the loss of balance that exists between the mind, body, and their surroundings. The most fundamental belief of traditional Chinese medicine is that our bodies are supported by the flow of qi, a form of energy, is the basis of shiatsu as well. Shiatsu massage in Upper Makefield Township, PA or anywhere else will be directed at releasing the blockage of energy. Shiatsu massage results in balancing qi, which leads to the occurrence of natural healing.