This is a case study of Ashley K, an accomplished businesswomen in her early 30s that discovered cryotherapy in dealings with her knee pain, and unexpectedly found not only relief for her joint pain but also alleviation of her long term depression and insomnia.

After long days at work, Ashley used ice to reduce her pain, but the local treatment simply wasn’t enough. On top of that, she was taking painkillers daily – which still wasn’t keeping up with her discomfort. Not wanting to medicate, and believing in natural healing methods to minimize side effects, Ashley contacted us and decided to give Cryotherapy a try.

During a consultation with the lead therapist, Ashley was recommended 10 Cryotherapy Sessions to get rid of inflammation in the joint and muscles surrounding the knee, and 2-3 Shiatsu Massage sessions for Structural Balancing.

This type of massage is specifically designed to bring joints, the knee in Ashley’s case, back into balance and resolve the root of the problem. Read more about how shiatsu works for knee pain.

Cryotherapy was a great option to help treat her knee pain. With its anti-inflammatory capabilities, coupled with its ability to boost mood and metabolic rates, it was the perfect fit for the problems she was dealing with.

Ashley tells us she was a bit nervous at first – a completely normal reaction – but said “after coming here, you guys were so knowledgeable,” she says, “that has really been comforting through the process.”

After she completed the recommended program, Ashley’s knee pain was resolved completely! To read more about the positive benefits of Cryotherapy on knee pain, click here.

As an extra benefit, to Ashley’s surprise, Cryotherapy and Shiatsu helped balance her moods and the depression she had experienced since her college years diminished drastically. Instead, her moods became bubbly and she regained a sense of happiness she had not felt for a long time.

It is a well-known fact that Cryotherapy can act as mood balancer. During Cryotherapy, our body gets a boost of endorphins, helping resolve such problems as calming anger, elevating depressive moods, and boosting energy levels. To read more on positive impact of Cryotherapy on moods, visit our page here!

Additionally, as a result of Cryotherapy’s ability to “reset your body” and help regulate your metabolic rate, Ashley has been sleeping much better, ridding herself of her long time insomnia.

Ashley also achieved her overarching goal of minimizing the drugs she’d been taking, and says that in a sea of clinics that rely on medications, Cryotherapy was an amazing alternative solution for her pain.

At Cryo Spa Natural Healing Center, one of our goals is to introduce people to side-effect free, natural treatments, and we’re glad that it worked out so well for Ashley!

Ashley closes by telling watchers to “Do it more than once, even if you’re scared,” and reminds everyone that there will always be a certified Cryotherapist in there with you the whole time.

So there you have it! Effective advice from a busy woman. Thanks Ashley, and we’ll see you soon!