Achieve your body goals of less fat and tighter skin!


Prepare for spring and be ready for summer! Don’t delay!


Single $295

(regular $350)

3 sessions $825

($275 per session)

(regular $975)

5 sessions $1,275

($255 per session)

(regular $1,500)


10 sessions for $2,300

($230 per session)

(regular $2,750)


Brighter and tighter skin awaits you!


It’s time to stimulate major collagen production, lift your face, visibly reduce wrinkles and reduce pore size!

Single $180 (regular $350)

3 sessions $495 ($165 per session) (regular $975)

5 sessions $750 ($150 per session) (regular $1,500)


It is cold outside and it is time to strengthen your immune system with whole body cryotherapy to protect yourself from flu and cold!


There are so many benefits of cold therapy:

In just 3 minutes, decrease inflammation, strengthen the immune system, improve quality of sleep, increase production of collagen, speed up muscle recovery and be totally chill!


*photo found through @theospan

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Feel more connected and happy.

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