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Love is in the air as we welcome Valentine's Day and all the chocolate and gifts it brings. We have incredible promotions to share for your sweetheart or yourself. Pick up gift cards, couples experiences, pampering products and everything in between.

February might be the shortest month on the calendar, but it's going to be a Super (Bowl) month. As the official month of friendship and love, make February bring love into your life the entire month and not just Valentine's Day!


Achieve your body goals of less fat and tighter skin!


Prepare for spring and be ready for summer! Don't delay!


Single $295

(regular $350)

3 sessions $825

($275 per session)

(regular $975)

5 sessions $1,275

($255 per session)

(regular $1,500)


10 sessions for $2,300

($230 per session)

(regular $2,750)


Brighter and tighter skin awaits you!


It's time to stimulate major collagen production, lift your face, visibly reduce wrinkles and reduce pore size!

Single $180 (regular $350)

3 sessions $495 ($165 per session) (regular $975)

5 sessions $750 ($150 per session) (regular $1,500)


It is cold outside and it is time to strengthen your immune system with whole body cryotherapy to protect yourself from flu and cold!


There are so many benefits of cold therapy:

In just 3 minutes, decrease inflammation, strengthen the immune system, improve quality of sleep, increase production of collagen, speed up muscle recovery and be totally chill!


*photo found through @theospan

We are running popular specials!


Receive $25 OFF on 10 sessions of cryotherapy,

plus 3 FREE Compression or PEMF sessions


Receive $10 OFF on 5 sessions of cryotherapy,

plus 1 FREE Compression or PEMF sessions.


Increase affection and intimacy!


Feel more connected and happy.

Reserve a couples massage treatment

on Valentine's Day, February 14th only!

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Purchase this couples massage treatment for ONLY $150 (regular $180)!


If the standard chocolate, teddy bears and red roses just aren't going to cut it this year, we have a few borrowed suggestions from friends around the world to make your sweetheart swoon.

1. Do V-Day With A

Danish Twist
In Denmark, Valentine's Day is embraced in simple but thoughtful ways. Friends and sweethearts exchange lovers cards and pressed white flowers called snowdrops. Men also give women a gaekkebrev, a “joking letter” written in rhyme or poem. It's dropped off anonymously and women that guess the giver correctly are awarded with an Easter egg later in the year. We are all for fun, new traditions!

2. Love Spoons In Wales
The Welsh celebrate the patron saint of lovers on January 25th with the traditional romantic gift of a love spoon. For centuries, Welsh men have carved symbols into wooden spoons signifying different meanings like good luck, children, love, etc. We love this simple but sweet gesture!

3. Chinese Star-Gazing
Show your love the moon and the stars on Valentine's Day, just as the Chinese do. In China, couples celebrate Qixi, where they spend the evening watching for two stars (Vega and Altair) to cross paths. This is symbolic of the Chinese lore story where a King's daughter, Zhinu, falls in love with a poor coward, Niulang. The two are allowed to reunite one day a year, on Qixi. We can't think of anything more romantic than bringing your valentine out to gaze at the stars (remember to bring wine and a blanket to get cozy)!


4. Valentine's Vows In The Philippines
While the Philippines celebrates Valentine's Day in similar ways to America, they have a popular tradition that includes mass marriages, exchanging or renewing vows with hundreds of others in malls or public areas. Would your sweetheart be open to Valentine's vows? It would make for a fun February memory!

5. Dia Dos Namorados In Brazil
Brazilians skip the February 14th celebration and choose to celebrate Dia dos Namorados, or “Lovers Day,” on June 12th. While gifts and candy are common exchanges, Brazilians take it a step further and celebrate with friends and relatives over dinner. Why not share the love?! The more people who feel loved, the better!

Or give your lover the best gift of all -- a trip to Cryo Spa! We have so many specials it will make anyone swoon.


See you soon at Cryo Spa Natural Healing Center!

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