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Can you believe half of 2017 is gone? The great thing is that June is the time of year when summer fun begins!

We begin the month with National Best Friends Day when we get to celebrate our dearest friendships and their contributions to our daily lives. Then comes Father's Day on the third Sunday in June! How will you show Dad how much you appreciate him?

Summer’s here ….and the time is right!


Not for dancing in the streets, necessarily (though feel free to do that if it makes you feel good!) but for a little ‘wellness’ time. Gorgeous summer weather gives everybody a lift. The trees and flowers look wonderful, the sky is at its radiant blue best, and healthy energy abounds everywhere!


Summer energy is all about fire (Yang) – which affects the heart, small intestine, and the triple heater organs in the body. So the summer can be a great ‘springboard’ for introducing some new healthy eating habits into our lives to bring long-term vitality and wellness.


You’d be amazed how easy it is to get new habits blossoming. Start them in summer, keep doing them through the long, hot months, and by the time fall and winter comes, they’ll already be ingrained in your daily routine!


This is NOT about the latest healthy-eating fads that you do for a few weeks and then drop! It’s about changing your diet to suit the season and to adjust the foods you consume to balance the energies inside your body.


So what can you try this summer that can bring greater health, wellness, and happiness to your life?

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We wish you a fun and safe June from all of us here at Cryo Spa Natural Healing Center!


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1.    Add more variety


The foods are out there; they’ve been harvested. So it’s time to use them in your kitchen. Summer’s a great time for trying new and exciting recipes with the huge array of fresh veg and fruits around.


2.    Reduce heavy foods


Cutting down on fatty, fried foods may help you raise energy levels during the heat. Greasy foods tend to generate heat and can cause digestive problems. It’s not just about reducing portion size – it’s about reducing the ‘heavy’ foods in your diet.


3.    Add more water to your diet


Being the season of fire, water is needed as a counter-balance, according to the Yin-Yang. The Yin is fluid and the summer heat will dry it up unless you increase water consumption. Consciously drink more water (not too cold and no ice!) and stay well-hydrated to prevent health issues. Why not add a slice of fruit or a fresh herb to your glass of water?


4.    Try more raw foods


In the summer, our bodies need to cool. Raw foods are a great way to assist in this, especially if your digestive system and general health is robust. However, be wary of the fact that some people’s systems can’t handle too much raw food. For some, it will over-cool the digestive system so that the body has trouble digesting food properly. Asian medicine warns us that overly cold foods upset the stomach and the spleen.


5.    Fire up the grill in the yard


As long as you don’t overdo it on the fatty foods and red meats, eating outside with friends can be therapeutic in the summer. Apart from all those delicious salads, grilled vegetables, and light soups you can create, summer is the season of fire – and it affects all the organs that help us create relationships with others. So invite your friends round!


Be sure to contact Cryo Spa Natural Healing Center for a consultation to learn how you can eat a healthier diet as part of your lifestyle!


Summer is the time to enjoy warmer weather, fun outdoor activities and family cookouts! How about a Fajita-style chicken grilled on skewers with veggies? This delicious chicken kebab recipe is easy to make and sure to please!



See you soon at Cryo Spa Natural Healing Center!

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