Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a non-invasive, light touch, gentle technique that can provide relief from chronic inflammation and help alleviate numerous conditions related to stagnated flow of the lymph system.
The lymphatic system can stagnate for many reasons. Chronic inflammation, swelling, lack of regular physical activity, stress, fatigue and age are some of the reasons.
The main function of the lymphatic system is to detoxify and dispose of our metabolic wastes. Fluids, toxins and waste products are absorbed from the space between our cells and into the lymph system.

Lymph flow is similar to our blood flow except for one big factor. A pump. Our blood is pressurized by the heart, which pumps our blood in our circulatory system. The lymph system has no pump–it is passive. That means that fluids need to ooze into the lymph flow to get pushed up to the lymph nodes where it is filtered, purified and concentrated. That action is mainly done by normal body and muscle movements.

If the lymph circulation slows down it allows toxins to gather around our cells. This accumulation can nearly starve the cells of vital oxygen. The result is a slow rate of cellular regeneration, essentially robbing our cells of the proper nutrition and elements they need to function healthily.
At Bucks County Cryo Spa our skilled Lymphatic Drainage Massage practitioners are able to help facilitate the natural function of the lymph system.

This is done by gently stimulating the deeper muscles along the lymphatic pathways. Manual stimulation of this sort helps to drain into the flow fluids, toxins and wastes that have stagnated. As this therapeutic massage is being done to encourage lymph flow, the body will also generate more lymphocytes, cells that protect our immune system, and so the immune response is reinforced and accelerated.
So essentially Lymphatic Drainage Massage works in two ways simultaneously: by helping to drain stagnated toxins and wastes and by encouraging the immune system to bump up its lines of defense.

Specific Uses of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

  • By stimulating and activating circulation of the lymph, capillaries, fluid between cells, joint fluid and even cerebrospinal fluid it helps to re-route stagnated fluid in places between the skin, muscles, organs, joints and even into chambers of the eyes and ears.
  • Scars, stretch marks, wrinkles and surgical incision sites are improved as toxins are removed and tissue is able to regenerate.
  • An enhanced functioning of the immune system. Because of the additional flow more antigens are carried to the lymph nodes. This boosts the relationship of immune fighters crucial in chronic inflammatory conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, bronchitis, arthritis and autoimmune disease.
  • Chronic pain is reduced because the drainage alleviates stagnated tissues.
  • Sinusitis

The accumulation of toxins in our body causes us to feel depleted of energy, feel fatigued, have mood swings and can simply block the natural healing of our body. Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a powerful technique to help both in lymphedema reduction and in detoxification of our body to restore a cleaner space in which we can feel better all over!

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