Shiatsu for Shoulder Pain in Bucks County PA

Shoulder pain can range from dull and aching to sharp and shooting; it can strike at any age and is usually due to postural issues, injury, or disease.

The effects can be debilitating and often impact quality of life, preventing people from doing the things they love.

The imbalances that cause shoulder pain can be redressed by a skilled shiatsu practitioner, who will focus on restoring balance not only to the shoulder area but to the entire body. This is a more holistic approach than conventional medicine, which usually addresses problems in the short term, treating the local symptoms of the pain with anti-inflammatory medication and/or injections.

A course of shiatsu sessions in the Cryo Spa Natural Healing Center in Bucks County PA can help with permanent relief of your shoulder pain.

What is causing your shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain can be caused by diseases such as arthritis, bursitis, or tendinitis; or it can be the result of imbalances in the body caused by poor posture, repetitive action, or injury.

‘Frozen shoulder’ occurs in approximately 2% of the population and is most common in women, aged 40-60. It causes pain and stiffness in the shoulder, which, over time, becomes very hard to move.

Pain may radiate from the shoulders down to the wrists.

In order to restore normal function to the shoulders, we need to restore balance to the area of the joint–but this requires more than simply treating the local source of the pain.

How can shiatsu help with shoulder pain?

“…Shiatsu is indeed effective in treating people with shoulder pain.” 

The Use of Shiatsu in treating people with shoulder pain. A pilot study. Anne Palmer, MRSS(T) (January 2000). MSc Dissertation, Northern College of Acupuncture/ University of Wales

Many people live with shoulder pain for years before coming to see us, after nothing else works in the long term.

We have helped hundreds of patients in the Bucks County area relieve not only pain in their shoulders, but in the entire upper back, neck and head area.

Using a combination of shiatsu, trigger points work, and Thai massage stretching, your shiatsu practitioner will address the primary reasons for the structural imbalances.

The practitioner applies pressure to selective points in the surrounding and supporting muscles of the shoulder, and adds other modalities as required. This will clear blockages in the energy meridians and lead to better balancing in the upper back and shoulder area.

You will also learn how to prevent your shoulder pain from returning, with dietary advice and ergonomic suggestions, as well as a series of exercises that will help you maintain continual progress between your shiatsu appointments.

How can you be sure it works?

Shiatsu has become a critical part of many patients’ programs for shoulder pain. We welcome you to experience similar results.


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