Shiatsu for Hip Pain in Bucks County PA

Hip pain is a common complaint in the US; but sufferers do not have to accept endless scans, a lengthy course of pain medication, or surgery as the only treatment options.

Hip pain has been treated successfully with shiatsu for centuries, with therapies aimed at relieving the root causes of the pain. This can provide permanent relief from your condition, enabling sufferers to restore activity levels and quality of life in the long run, rather than just temporarily.

Here in Bucks County PA, our qualified and experienced shiatsu practitioners are available to help with your hip pain, whatever its cause.

What is causing your hip pain?

Your hip pain is likely a result of one or more of the following:

  • Frequent crossing of your legs
  • Frequent sleeping on one side
  • Excessive time spent driving
  • Holding a child regularly on your hip
  • Excessive sitting in one position
  • Your standing posture

While hip pain may come and go, aches and pains can turn into more chronic conditions and present more severe health issues.

How can shiatsu help with hip pain?

An example of a balancing hip stretch in Shiatsu.

A combination of Shiatsu and key Thai massage stretches are very effective in helping to alleviate the pressure created from chronic postures, such as sitting at a computer all day.

In combination with trigger points massage, which can focus on specific chronic tight muscles, shiatsu is effective in releasing some of the pressure that may cause discomfort in the back.

Your shiatsu practitioner will determine the primary reason for the structural imbalance. After, during the treatment, the practitioner applies pressure to selective points in the surrounding and supporting muscles, and adds Thai massage stretches as required.

Using their knowledge of the acupressure meridians and points, combined with awareness of trigger points, fascial release, and other modalities, your practitioner will clear blockages in the energy meridians and restore balance.

You will also learn a series of exercises that will help you support a more balanced posture, and maintain continual progress between your shiatsu appointments:

  • Hamstring stretches to reduce pressure on the lower back
  • Hip flexor stretches, which open up important deep muscles to reduce the likelihood of deep low back pain
  • Glute and IT band stretches to alleviate tension in the glute muscles, down the IT band which runs from the hip down the outer ‘seam’ of the leg to below the knee
  • Adductor muscles stretch

Additionally, the dietary advice and ergonomic suggestions provided by your shiatsu practitioner will help you maintain optimum health.

How can you be sure it works?

Shiatsu has become a critical part of many patients’ programs for hip pain. We welcome you to experience similar results.


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