Shiatsu for Back Pain in Bucks County PA

Many people suffer from back pain in the US, taking painkillers for years on end in the belief that it’s just something that they have to live with.

While it’s one of the most prominent health complaints in the US, and takes many different forms, most sufferers do not take the necessary steps to address the root causes of their pain. Therefore, back pain persists and impacts their quality of life far more than it should.

Shiatsu is an effective, natural therapy for easing back pain and helping you restore normal motion and activity levels.

Many people come to us after years of living with their back pain, consulting medical professionals, and having regular MRIs, CAT scans and X-Rays. After they’ve experienced first-hand the results from the very first session, they wonder why they hadn’t heard of it before.

Qualified and experienced shiatsu practitioners are available now in Bucks County PA at the Cryo Spa Natural Healing Center.

What type of back pain do you have?

While back pain is often considered a single, localized complaint, it can in fact affect many areas of the back and strike at different times, including:

  • Lower right/left side back pain
  • Upper right/left back pain
  • Lower back hip pain
  • Sacrum pain
  • Morning back pain
  • Pain under the shoulder blades
  • Pain between the shoulder blades
  • Neck pain
  • Pain in your glutes

Our modern, sedentary lifestyles, with poor posture, can turn everyday aches and pains into more serious conditions–and you can make matters worse without even knowing it.

Common approaches to back pain

Over-the-counter painkillers often ease the pain temporarily, but sometimes doctors recommend injections and prescription medicines–these often have serious and debilitating side effects.

Many therapies focus only on the local point of the pain rather than the surrounding muscles. This may ease the problem for a short time, but will generally not last. These treatments may even worsen the condition in the longer term, because they do not address the root cause of the problem.

Shiatsu and back pain relief

“Our results suggest that acupressure is another effective alternative medicine in reducing low back pain” 

A randomized controlled clinical trial for low back pain treated by acupressure and physical therapy. The Institute for Cancer Prevention and Elsevier (2004)

Incorrect ergonomics in our lives can cause muscles in the back, chest, glutes, upper legs, and abdominal

muscles to tense up.

A Shiatsu practitioner approaches this by finding the primary reason for the structural imbalance. The practitioner will then apply pressure to selective points in the surrounding and supporting muscles and incorporate Thai massage stretches as required.

Practitioners use their knowledge of the acupressure meridians and points, combined with awareness of trigger points, fascial release, and other modalities. This clears blockages in the energy meridians and leads to better balancing of the posture than merely working at the local point of pain.

Many patients find that, even after a single session, better structural balance is achieved and the pain eases.

Your shiatsu practitioner can also provide ergonomic suggestions and exercises that will help you support a more balanced posture, and maintain continual progress between your shiatsu appointments.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, our posture translates into our attitude toward life. Correcting long-term imbalances can have an impact not only on your physical body but also on your emotional and intellectual states.

How can you be sure it works?

Shiatsu has become a critical part of many patients’ programs for back pain:

“I have problems with my lower back. I get tired easily in this region. I had serious surgery a couple of years ago and as a result I have a big scar running across the abdominal area. Lucy explained to me that my lower back problems could be originating from the scar tissue, pulling my hip out of alignment. She performed fascia work on me. I feel much more comfortable in my lower back now.”

Penny, Doylestown (PA)

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