November 2017

7 Foods For Wellness This Autumn

The slowdown in energy that autumn entails also extends to cooking times. This is very important for how the body ‘processes’ food: slow-cooked foods like soups, stews, and baked dishes replace the raw and quickly cooked foods of summer.

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October 2017

Good Vibrations In October!

Slim down while you tone and tighten!

Cryotherapy is the use of low temperatures that may be applied locally or generally to the whole body as a way of tightening the skin,
reducing wrinkles and restoring elasticity.

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September 2017

Self-Improve Be On The Move!

There are hundreds of ways to improve yourself!

Moving around and staying active are key to improving your productivity and your quality of life. This is especially important this time of year as children have moved from relaxed summer mode to busy school routines.
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August 2017

3 Wellness Practices For A Super Healthy Summer!

Diet is so important to our wellness; but it’s not everything. There are three other practices, in particular, that summer is great for introducing (or re-introducing) to your life:
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July 2017

7 Foods You Should Be Eating This Summer!

Now you have the basic dietary guidelines for a balanced summer diet for energy, health, and wellness, let’s get a little more specific.

What foods should you be eating to cope with the fire that is Yang? You won’t be surprised that they are Yin-based foods, with an abundance of moisture and water…
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June 2017

5 Ways to Eat Healthier This Summer!

1. Add more variety

The foods are out there; they’ve been harvested. So it’s time to use them in your kitchen. Summer’s a great time for trying new and exciting recipes with the huge array of fresh veg and fruits around.

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May 2017

May is Melanoma Month

Melanoma is the most serious and fastest-growing type of skin cancer and skin cancer is the most common cancer in the country. More than a million people in the U.S. get skin cancer each year. We all know that melanoma can be caused by UV radiation from the sun, tanning booths or sun lamps. Adults get it most often, including older adults, but children and teenagers can get melanoma too.

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April 2017

9 Symptoms Caused By Stress

Stress describes the pressures we all face every day – physical, emotional, mental or even chemical. It activates your sympathetic nervous system, releasing stress hormones throughout your body, and this makes you ready to handle a sudden stressful event.
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March 2017

Beauty Hacks From Around the World

It’s International Women’s Month, so it’s the perfect time to learn more about the best-kept beauty and wellness secrets women use all around the world! From teas, to oils to food products, you’ll be amazed at what everyday products can do for your beauty regimen!
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February 2017

A Radiant Complexion Is An Inside Job

Research suggests that a nutritious diet, one that’s high in fruits and vegetables and low in saturated fats, not only keeps your body healthy in other ways but can also help keep you looking good. What you eat and don’t eat, and whether or not you smoke, has a huge impact on your skin.
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