James A. is a Cryo Spa Natural Healing Center regular, a 42 year old from Philadelphia PA. When James came to our wellness center, he was suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and experiencing high levels of pain, numbness, and tingling.

“I figured I’d try Cryotherapy and…WOW!,” he told us. A good sign.

Working in a physically demanding job, the pain in his wrist badly undermined James’s daily life – both professional and personal. He also couldn’t work out at a competitive level like he used to, he says, reminiscing to his 20s and 30s when pain and inflammation didn’t loom so heavily over his daily life.

Whether it was pain on the job, or even simple daily tasks the majority of us take for granted, pain from carpal tunnel syndrome affected James’s quality of life.

To make matters worse, he had recently re-injured his hand. The pain became unbearable, damaging his ability to live a normal, pain free life. And that wasn’t acceptable to him. He wanted his life back after years of suffering.

So then, he came to Cryo Spa Natural Healing Center.

After a thorough consultation, James started on a regimen of regular Cryotherapy sessions, one every day for 10 sessions – the European Golden Standard for Cryotherapy for high levels of inflammation.

After 6 cryotherapy sessions, James’s inflammation started to diminish. Adding localized Deep Tissue Massages to his regiment helped further impact the pain in his wrists. Besides the expected pain relief from cryotherapy, he also got an unexpected decrease in his stress levels, and improved sleep!

Parents, take note! James says the decreased stress and improved sleep are lifesavers for mothers and fathers with little kids.

Now, after completing his 20 Cryotherapy sessions, coupled with 5 weekly deep tissue massages, James’s carpal tunnel syndrome has been completely resolved.

James still visits tri-weekly for maintenance and prevention sessions – a combo of Cryotherapy and deep tissue massages that keep his joints healthy and his body vibrant and full of energy.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day,” he insists, recommending everyone to try Cryotherapy and, most importantly, to stick with it!

James makes sure to let us know he feels at home at Cryo Spa Natural Healing Center – and we couldn’t be happier to hear that praise.