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Ice Bath vs WBC

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Whole body cryotherapy: superior to the ice bath

Ever since ancient times the use of ice therapy to aid recovery from injury has been known.
In recent times, ice baths have been used extensively in both amateur and professional sports to aid muscle recovery, help rehabilitation from injury, and to promote enhanced performance.

At the Cryo Spa Natural Healing Center in Bucks County PA we adopt a more effective approach to sports recovery and performance: whole body cryotherapy, which affects the body in very different ways than ice baths.


Why is whole body cryotherapy more effective than an ice bath?

Treatment in a cryosauna is a beneficial, convenient and safe way to aid recovery from sports. When compared with the traditional ice bath it has a number of advantaged:

For instance, an ice bath entails unrelenting cold that is a physical challenge to the body as it can penetrate skin & muscles. By comparison, a cryosauna uses gas: it feels far more comfortable as the skin is cooled rapidly. Check out the table below for a full comparison of the two treatments.

Ice Bath Whole Body Cryotherapy
Works by the body sending warmed blood to the peripherals and skin. The brain reads signals from skin receptors and causes severe vasoconstriction of blood vessels & capillaries to maintain the body’s core temperature at 98.6°F. Blood enriched with hormones, enzymes, oxygen is circulated to internal organs under high pressure.
Requires immersing the body in cold water of about 45°F to 60°F for 15-20 minutes. Places the body in extremely cold air ranging from ‐270°F to ‐320°F and takes 3 minutes on average.
There is a risk of hypothermia, as well as stiff muscles and tendons. No such risks in the cryo-chamber as you are wearing protective clothing.
Interrupts the supply of oxygen to the skin’s surface which can promote skin diseases. No interruption of oxygen supply. Also the blood temperature may rise between 2°F to 6°F, which can kill viruses.
No release of neurochemicals like endorphins and no lasting positive effect on mood. The body releases endorphins into the blood, providing a euphoric feeling and mood improvement.


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Experience the superior effects of whole body cryotherapy…

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