With allergy season right around the corner, it’s important to have options to deal with severe seasonal allergies. Your 24 hour treatments may work for spot relief, field lady shutterstockbut when you want something robust – a treatment that impacts the root of the problem – alternative healing offers a number of solutions. All of these solutions are drug-free and carry no risk of adverse side effects. In fact, both of the solutions offered at Cryo Spa, Cryotherapy and Lymphatic Drainage Massages, have a number of positive side effects aside from providing a long-term solution to seasonal allergies.


Whole Body Cryotherapy, which was developed by a medical doctor in Japan over 38 years ago, provides a strong, drug-and-negative-side-effect-free solution to seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergies, especially hay fever, are caused by what is essentially an overreaction of the immune system. In response to the stimuli of increased levels of pollen and other seasonal amandacryoallergens, the body creates histamines. Most anti-allergen drugs treat allergic reactions with anti-histamines. This is a symptom treatment and usually only lasts for a short duration.


Cryotherapy, on the other hand, strengthens the immune system itself. This not only leads to acute symptom relief, but also to greater long-term tolerance to seasonal allergies. A therapy of 5-10 sessions can greatly benefit an individual suffering from seasonal allergies.


The Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD) works on several levels. Specifically, the lymphatic drainage massage purifies the body by accelerating lymph flow to be ten massagetimes faster. This procedure removes toxins by accelerating the flow of lymph, which carries toxins and cell debris out of inflamed areas and strengthens the body’s immune system. Similar to cryotherapy, MLD provides relief at the source of allergy suffering. More generally, the impact of the massage on the nervous system causes a decrease in stress which enables the body to better respond to the increase in allergens during the allergy season. A treatment of 3-5 lymphatic drainage massages will help relieve allergy sufferers’ problems significantly.

These therapies can also be combined for increased effectiveness.

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