A globetrotting journey into alternative healing–from Ukraine to Philadelphia

Shiatsu HandsMy journey into alternative healing started for personal reasons–as is often the case.

I was always intrigued by the Shiatsu therapy. How was it possible that pressing particular points in a specific order could produce such a strong effect on the body? How can it change our mood, or relieve pain?

I bought my first book on shiatsu over 20 years ago and shortly after, while in labor with my son, I began pressing the pain relief points I had read about. It helped tremendously through the natural birth. Then, whenever my son was sick, I would practice it on him and it always worked.

After graduating school in the Ukraine I moved to Philadelphia and found that the International School of Shiatsu was right here.

That was the day my life changed and after graduating as a Shiatsu practitioner, my job as a programmer soon seemed meaningless. I had found my true calling.

Since 2000 I have added more natural therapies to my practice, including Vipassana and Osho Active Meditations.

The positive results for patients always bring me a great sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Finding whole body cryotherapy

As a Masters student in Thermo-Physical Engineering and Applied Mathematics at the University of Cryogenics, perhaps I was destined to work with cryotherapy.

I was first introduced to whole body cryotherapy when a close friend here in Bucks County PA made a miraculous recovery from rheumatoid arthritis…

He was a fit, sporty man in his late 40s and didn’t believe the doctor’s diagnosis until the pain grew and his capability to live a “normal” life rapidly vanished.

He started looking around for alternative methods to ease the pain, keen to avoid the standard drug treatments.

At that time, a cryotherapy clinic in Texas was one of only three of its kind in the US. After 30 to 40 sessions there, he returned pain-free. Now he is cycling again and takes no medication at all.

Cryo Spa Natural Healing Center

Jessica Dean from CBS tries Cryotherapy!

Jessica Dean of CBS is just one of many local celebrities that has come to try our Cryosauna in Bucks County PA!

Over the past few years, many Americans just like our friend have benefited from cryotherapy at the Cryo Spa Natural Healing Center here in Bucks County, Philadelphia.

Every patient we help relieve from arthritis or fibromyalgia pain, whose mood we improve, and whose energy levels we raise, we consider another success story to be proud of.

Using state-of-the-art technology in the cryosauna, patients experience a “restart” of their immune system in just a few minutes, to help them unlearn previous pain and suffering.

This can help:

The added bonus of whole body cryotherapy is that it improves cellular health, helping patients look and feel younger by restoring skin elasticity and helping with weight loss and even depression.

With such results, it’s not surprising that cryotherapy has become almost as popular in the US as it has been in Europe – with the number of cryo-saunas here growing rapidly in the past few years.

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