Flights from White Plains to Shanghai take 13.5 hours, and cost a little over $176,000 in a Gulfstream G300 with maximum seating for of 12 passengers. Virgin Flight Reaches 801 MPH as Furious Jet Stream Propels Plane Faster Than Speed of Sound. * ** • The 737 family has carried more than 16.8 billion passengers ; that is equivalent to every single man, woman and child flying at least twice. Today for our readers we present to you a list of the fastest passenger planes in the world. According to Boeing's Web site, the 747 burns approximately 5 gallons of fuel per mile (12 liters per kilometer). Mach 0.84 means the speed of the Boeing 777 is cruising at 84 % the speed of sound at 35,000 feet. At several hundreds of millions of kilometres per hour, every mote in space, from stray hydrogen gas atoms to micrometeoroids, becomes in effect a high-powered bullet ploughing into a … At a cruising speed of 780 km per hour [Wikipedia, 28.2.08], this is equivalent to 90 kg CO2 per hour. (2013 world population was 7.1 billion). A ... [14], this gives a fuel use of 36.6 g per passenger km. This will actually make it slower than Concorde, which could reach a top speed of about Mach 2 (1,534mph). Thank you very much in advance and take care of yourself and the passengers. An hour into the flight a passenger on the plane observes the plane pass Superman casually standing still in the sky talking on his cell phone. This means that 31 percent of all commercial flights are on 737s. Click here to get an answer to your question ️ A passenger airplane travels at a speed of 750 miles per hour. For example, if we consider an airline flying medium haul flight of 2 hours with narrow body aircraft of about 200 seats, the efficiency is around 3.5l per 100PK for an 80% load factor, but it would go to 3.15l per 100PK with a 90% load factor. A flight near New York City recorded the strongest jet stream winds ever seen in the region on Monday, imbuing the plane with a scorching 801 mph (1289 km/h) ground speed. The fastest transatlantic civilian crossing belongs to BA Concorde, which flew from New York to London in two hours 52 minutes and 59 seconds in 1996 - hitting a top speed of 1,350 mph. According to Airbus, a 475-seat A340 has an overall monthly cost advantage over the in comparison to the 747-400 of $557,000. A plane is traveling at a steady speed of 250 km/hr relative to the ground. The cruising fuel consumption was 36 200 kg / h and the average minimum was 38 000 kg / h. This corresponds to 29 liters / 100 km per passenger! Thanks to the help of the powerful jet stream, a Virgin Atlantic flight reportedly broke a world record by reaching an astounding ground speed of 801 miles per hour Monday.. The engines on these aircraft account for 5% of the operating expenses. Round to the nearest mile per hour. Domestic – 316 gm per passenger-kilometer Short haul – 260 gm per passenger-kilometer Long haul – 210 gm per passenger-kilometer “At 0.85 kg of CO2 per kilometer, air travel produces by far the largest amount of GHG emissions per passenger kilometer of any form of transportation. Travellers must fill in a form at least 24 hours before departure, and receive a QR code to print out or download on a phone. In a half hour the passenger then sees Superman passing by at a speed of 300 km/hr (also relative to the ground). Question 403672: A passenger jet travels from Los Angeles to Bombay, India, in 22h. The average speed if an airplane travels 1364 miles in 5.5 hours is 248 miles/hr. CO2 emissions from aviation fuel are 3.15 grams per gram of fuel [38] , which gives CO2 emissions from a Boeing 737-400 of 115 g per passenger km. This speed varies with altitude and temperature.