Jeremy's troubled past makes him the perfect advocate for education. 12 Cyber security Tips for Students at Home & in School . Not only did Jeremy overcome the challenges of his past, but … Do you want a way to foster inclusiveness and togetherness among your junior high and high school students? In this case, do not be a little keen on this. He's passionate, real, transparent, and enthusiastic, as youth motivational speakers must be in order to carry an effective message that lasts. His career so far has spanned business, media, politics and community leadership. His clients trust him to deliver to youth audiences and assemblies: Brad was flattered to be invited to be the speaker for the student body at Columbine High School on the anniversary of the shooting tragedy. “Brad has the unique ability to combine wonderful hum with and inspiring message – find the magic in your life.” Here’s a list of our Top High School Guest Speakers and School Assemblies. Superintendent, Bloomingdale (IL) District #13, Happiness Speaker | Business Keynotes with Brad Montgomery, Educators Speaker | Funny Education Speaker Brad Montgomery, Finance Speakers | Banking Speaker Brad Montgomery. – Jan Caruso, Asst. Eaton Colorado School District Jeremy is one of the top youth motivational speakers, and he’s on a mission to inspire 1 Million Students through his motivational speaking! Motivational Speaker for Middle & High School Students. Motivational speakers can also discuss careers and how working hard throughout their school years can lead to great things further down the line. Try to find life’s goals from your student life. When things do not go right, most students wait for some miracle to happen. Empower your students to be leaders in your school community and discover their unique path to mental wellness. We represent only the best high school youth speakers and K-12 keynote presentations nationwide. Preparing Students to Succeed in School & Life. Hello, we provide concise yet detailed articles on "Peak Choices: Motivational Speakers For High School Students" topic. For more information about Motivational Guest Speakers for High School Students and Junior High, including prices and date availability, call 800-883-9883, email, or fill-out and submit our request information form for a response within one business day! When he was just 12 years old he started his first business, mowing lawns, washing cars, doing odd jobs and selling his toys to his friends. Prospective students who searched for Be a Motivational Speaker at Schools: Career Guide found the following related articles and links useful. Doors can be opened throughout a child's education and beyond if the effort and willingness to achieve are evident, and the speaker that visits the school environment will try to highlight this in an easy to understand and identifiable manner. Pueblo Colorado School District. Brad is a laugh-out-loud funny motivational speaker for high school students who remind us all that life is fun, funny, and filled with magic. FBLA Future Business Leaders if America With societal demands, the conflicting messages offered by parents, peers, schools, and social media, the only surprise is that the younger generation is as resilient as it is. Hello, we provide concise yet detailed articles on "Peak Choices: Motivational Speaker For High School Students" topic. Although he has spoken to groups of all ages, he has done a HUGE amount of work motivating high students. (If you’re looking for middle school or elementary school assemblies, please KEEP READING! When you find the article helpful, feel free to share it with your friends or colleagues. Blairgowrie High pupils are preparing for a unique collaboration with the legendary Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), the Hollywood company founded by Star Wars creator George Lucas. Topics: Academic Success College & Career Prep Motivation & Inspiration Audiences: Middle & High School … Leaders Challenge for High School Youth Here is a list of the top 10 motivational quotes for high school students: Good things come to those who wait but best things come to those who do This quote reinforces the fact that action speaks louder than words. You Were Born to Be G.R.R.R.R.E.A.T.!!!! It’s important that students hear these important messages in new creative and though provoking ways. FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) He’s transparent, compassionate, empathetic, and with nearly three decades working with schools and communities, Jeff Yalden is the safest youth motivational speaker you can bring into your community. The information here is sourced well and enriched with great visual photo and video illustrations. Doug Dvorak provides a strong source of inspiration and motivation for students, teachers, parents and school staff which encourage and empower them to excel on a personal level, which in turn creates a higher level of self-esteem, self-respect and academic success. For a high school motivational speaker that will bring a unique and fresh perspective to your students, keep reading! Sydney's best motivational speakers for schools, Luke S. Kennedy, returned to speak to the high school students of St Gregory's College Campbelltown for the second time. Motivational Speakers for Students & Youth. Motivational Programs for School Student Assemblies For over 23 years, Ty Howard has inspired, energized, motivated and equipped youth, teens and students – nationally and internationally – to go after and capture a higher level of success and greatness at school, in their communities, at home, and in … Motivational speakers are especially beneficial to students during poignant times during the school term; for example, when end of term exams are looming, or if they are facing any important educational choices and decisions to make, or the students are moving out of their comfort zones and on to secondary schools or higher education. Promoting Education Through Quality Entertainment! This is a powerful Motivational Speech Video on figuring out for yourself who you want to become. Meet Luke S. Kennedy, Sydney's best Motivational Speakers for schools. Through his research into positive psychology, social + emotional intelligence, resilience and motivational theory Nathan has designed and runs seminars that engage and strengthen the whole school … Mental wellness is essential to suicide prevention and a well-rounded education. Although he has spoken to groups of all ages, he has done a HUGE amount of work motivating high students. His inspirational speech for students the previous visit created a big impact! High school students have heard the same thing for years from parents, teachers, organizations and speakers…”Don’t do drugs”. Click on the program title hyperlink to visit the guest speakers webpage for a full show description, videos, reviews, and more. Bloomington School District – Illinois Although this is an important message, students have begun to ignore this message and not listen to speaker that speak at them. But, miracles do not happen by themselves. A high school motivational speaker can open students’ eyes to choices they never knew existed. We work with schools nationwide, and internationally, on a daily basis supporting key events in the academic calendar. Speaker Jonny Shannon is CEO of Gamify and a motivational speaker to multiple schools across the globe. Call us at 1.847.359.6969 for #1 Youth Motivational Speaker. He is able to motivate them in a way that a traditional high school motivational speaker might fail. List of Physiotherapy Courses: Fee, Eligibility, Admission, Career and Job Opportunities. Our motivational youth speakers make it easy to reach your junior high and high school students with engaging, inspiring, and motivational messages that will actually resonate with them and that they will actually respond to. A motivational speech to high school students to choose his goal. Nathan Hulls is Australia’s #1 High School Motivational Speaker who has been engaging, inspiring and empowering students, teachers, youth workers and parents across Australia for the past 21 years.