I will do a separate video on how to make the dough. This is an easy and very delicious bread. My mission? I wanted a pita bread that is thin, pliable, and a little bit chewy. Planning on making again tomorrow but using some of the dough balls for my kids to make into individual pizzas for the oven. Shari do you mind telling me if you were on your phone, or desktop? Sheer genius! Plus, watching the bread puff up in the oven is a lot of fun! Author: Laura. Thanks Lauren, and I generally keep them wrapped in plastic, just like the store bought ones. Finally! I am chuckling. I am a man who is not known for his baking abilities and they still turned out better than most restaurants I go to. Thank you Sue. How to Make Perfect Pita Bread Every Time ~ making homemade pita bread is easier than you think, and you'll never go back to the stuff in bags again, guaranteed! I’m going to be using the word soft a lot, I can tell, but that’s what I love about it. Attempting to replace the often repeated peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the lunch boxes, I have reached for hummus with carrot sticks, bell peppers, and little triangle shaped pieces of homemade pita bread . So easy and so delicious. How to Make Perfect Homemade Pita Bread Every Time, at about 100F, or warm but not hot to the touch, plus more for coating the dough and oiling the pan, fluff the flour before scooping and leveling. I think this is how I found your site! I too love hummus but am disappointed at store bought pitas. Not bad, but just not what I was expecting. So glad you liked it Natalie — and thanks for letting me know , please, could you post the flour in grams too? Bake the pitas until they puff up about 7-8 minutes. I’m going to try your laffa bread recipe today. Hello Sue! I really surprised myself which says a lot about the recipe! Thank you. Turn the pita bread and repeat. I’d welcome your thoughts on this as i’d really like to try the recipe. I like to take each piece and form a round ball, that way it is easier to roll out evenly. I can’t believe how simple they were. Thanks for the recipe! I came across this recipe, fell in love with the pictures and decided to make it. Hi! They could also be frozen after baking. I was hoping for it to puff up more – it’s more like just thick tortillas. This is officially my husband’s favourite. I just made a bunch of pita the other night using a similar recipe minus active yeast. Thanks. If nothing happens, your yeast is not active. Hi Sue!! Get the pan hot, at medium high heat, and leave it there. Reheat Pita Bread over an Open Flame. If I made them at the start of the week how long do they stay fresh for? The puffing is a little bit random, Jennifer ~ make sure your surface is hot and your pita is rolled thin. The tea towel will help prevent the pita pockets from drying out too much during the cooling period. These were actually the first time I made a bread or even baked with yeast, your recipe was a great start for a young baker like myself. Working with 2 to 4 balls at a time, flatten each into a disk. Hi, Sue! Variation: If you see a small tear or crack along the edge of the pita bread, you can also gently rip apart the top and bottom section by hand. Roll out the balls of dough to to ⅜" / 1 cm thick rounds just before baking, two at a time. I will let you know how it turns out. My recipes are never fussy and always exciting ~ there are 1600 and counting on the blog. That’s great to know, Ash, I wish I hadn’t yard-saled my bread machine years ago! When the cycle was complete, I pulled out the dough, rolled in a little extra flour because my dough was a bit too wet to handle. My pita bread did not puff up. Save Print. This set of three knives meet the everyday needs of every home cook. I’m on my Samsung Tablet and am having the same issues, it’s horribly bad! https://www.thespruceeats.com/turkish-lavas-puff-break-recipe-3274371 Making another batch today. They cook up perfectly, and I’m really happy I found this simple recipe! I have been trying other recipee from other post but so far Yours is the easiest and have the bread fluffy concistency we prefer. And to let it proof or bloom to make it active. They look dreamy:-) Looking forward to trying them. The only thing I had an issue with was proofing the yeast. So soft and simple yet delicious, could you give me the nutrition facts to this pita bread? My electric range is 1-10 so I set it at a six but noticed burning so 5 was perfect for soft fluffy pita bread. Lay the round of dough on the hot pan and cook for about 30 seconds, until you start to see bubbles, or lumps, appear. It ended up tasting like…. I made these today and they turned out amazing! At the same time, moisture builds up in the middle of the dough, eventually causing a big puff of steam. Alright, so I followed your recipe virtually verbatim, and the result wasn't pita bread, but naan bread instead. Like another reviewer said, it was more like naan bread in appearance, but I like naan bread too so doesn’t matter to me. I like pitta bread and it makes a good pizza crust. Thanks for the recipe! I would like to make these for work lunches. This bread is soft and chewy, and not at all dry. Thank you. Read, review, and rate (please!) So much better than supermarket ones. Great news, Nelson ~ I also have recipes for homemade tortillas, (https://theviewfromgreatisland.com/minimal-monday-black-bean-corn-and-mango-salsa-with-homemade-tortillas/) and Naan bread is next on my list! YAY!! That means quicker pita bread for everyone! While one pita is cooking you can be rolling out the next piece of dough. I haven’t tried that, but I’m pretty sure the texture would not be as ‘chewy’. I’m so sorry but I don’t, Shoshana. Wrap it all the way to the bottom and tuck in the sides. Place the pita bread in the skillet and let sit for 30 to 45 seconds, or until he begins to puff. Toast pita bread in the oven or under a broiler. We polled them in the toaster oven and out came a delicious pizza! With the convenience of the air pocket, it's perfect to stuff with some fillings of your choice. 2. During COVID 19 I purchased a case of garbanzo beans and plenty of tahini so I have been making my own hummus. The puffing can be a little bit capricious...if you really want it to puff and make an inner pocket, cut your dough into 8 instead of 6 pieces, and roll them on the thin side. But other than that they are, as you say, almost identical. Here's a hearty take on Mediterranean food, this time with … Making Pita Bread will make you feel like a fancy cook, even though the work involved really isn’t at all complicated. When it states that it is not suitable for make bread, it means high rise bread loaves because it does not have the necessary gluten structure. Let me know if you still have trouble! Do you think whole wheat would work instead of refined flour? And instructions of this recipe? This is a home run Sue, I have been thinking about making my own pitas for the last 2 weeks, now I have no excuse. Looks like a great recipe but don’t know if I can clear the ads long enough to read it. 3. Create a website or blog at WordPress.com. A little tip for pita that has gone a bit dry or for the store bought ones .. Dip or rinse with water then throw on a hot pan for a minute on each side. I prefer the thicker, softer rounds of bread, but it's up to you. Using metal tongs, remove pita from oven and wrap immediately in a towel. 1. Great recipe. Just tried this with my kids and it was super easy and turned out amazing! The Dhal Puri is delectable, very thin with layers and pockets of yellow pea. They’ll keep once baked just like regular bread, in a plastic baggie. I am in the UK though and was wondering about the right kind of flour to use. Author: Laura. Pita or sometimes called pitta bread, is a type of flatbread. Why isn’t my pita bread puffing up? !”  ~ Page. Followed directions to a T. My family loved them. Oh, and you’re going to go CRAZY over the laffa bread . Should I be adding more water? They cooked up just great and I actually giggled the whole process through! Or could I make the dough and leave it in the fridge and cook them each day? The first time I made this recipe, the dough performed wonderfully. Your email address is required to identify your giveaway entry as well as communications from Milk Street. 3. Hi Sue! Please let me know. It ended up tasting like…. Can you double the recipe or would I need to make the batches separate? Please report back if you try. our recipe for Golden Pita Bread. Flip the pita and bake on the other side for 2 to 3 minutes until the pita puffs up nicely. I love homemade pitta – they are a world away from the cardboard slippers sold in our supermarkets! I’m so glad to hear all this Karen, it sounds like a memorable meal ~ and I think your idea of using the tortilla press is genius, I hadn’t thought of that, I love that thing! So today, we used the leftover pitas to make personal sized pizzas. Thank you! Just wanted to say this recipe is AMAZING! How to Make Perfect Homemade Pita Bread Every Time ~ making homemade Middle Eastern flatbread is so much easier than you think, and you’ll never go back to the stuff in bags again, guaranteed! I’ll look up Dhal Puri, sounds right up my alley . For a slightly different spin on a Middle Eastern flat bread, try my Laffa Bread recipe! Do your best to keep an even thickness throughout the entire disc of dough since this helps the dough puff in the oven (among other things). And it has more of a burnt flavor from the grilling. Yours look delicious. Enjoyed making this recipe. I just got out my flour and my scale, fluffed and scooped a cup and it weighs 129 grams, making the 3 cups about 387 grams. © 2020 The View From Great Island. Your oven is not hot enough. Pour this in the mixing bowl along with … These look wonderful and i think that we would be eating them by the dozen but is there any chance that you might be able to convert the 3 cups of flour into grams for me. If the pita bread is perfectly round, you can make your cut from any side. And I wouldn’t leave it there too long, but that shouldn’t be a problem, once you make it you’re going to want to have it around all the time . Home; About me. Was blessed to find yeast in the store! I am usually intimidated by anything with yeast. Agree. A tawa is a large, flat piece of metal used by the Indian community in Trinidad to cook roti on. Lightly oil the pan for the first piece of dough, but after that you should be fine without adding anything additional. Repeat with the rest of the dough, and keep all the pitas stacked inside the towel until they have cooled. This will give the yeast the opportunity to eat some of the sugars in the dough and convert them into carbon dioxide and ethanol. Cut it into 8 pieces and patted it out into circles. I love them and they always turn out so good!! Then you can store them in plastic baggies. Love the bread! It seems that when I make pitas that they seem to puff better if I let them sit (covered) for 15-20 minutes after rolling them out. Have you ever made Dhal puri? I love bread. If you want them to last more than several days, you might consider freezing them. NOW…I will try your recipe. Two Ways to Bake Pita Bread. That worked great for us. So I am glad I found this recipe. How long will they last? Cut it in half, and then cut each half into 3 pieces, so you have 6 total. Pitas usually need temperatures of at-least 230C/450F to turn the water in the dough to steam and cause the pita to puff up into a pita pocket. The store bought pita is nothing like homemade, really like comparing stuffed animals to the real thing These have me wanting a bowl of hummus to dip. . X Research source Use a rolling pin with … Could be because I use half wholemeal flour – hmmm! Serves: 16. Made from rust-resistant German stainless steel, these knives feature comfortable, midsize polymer handles, and the set includes a 7-Inch Chef's Knife inspired by the lightweight Japanese santoku knife; 5-Inch Utility Knife with a microserrated edge; and 4-Inch Paring Knife with a Japanese-style, acutely pointed kiritsuke tip. I can’t wait! Hi, I’ve just used this recipe to make Turkish style (quorn) mince pittas for mine and my guy’s lunch, they were fun, easy and delicious!! Some people swear by using about 20% whole wheat flour in the dough, although I haven’t tried that. This set of three knives meet the everyday needs of every home cook. Yes, you can store them, for sure, just like you would with regular pita, only they won’t last a super long time since they are homemade, without preservatives, etc. Another key for perfectly puffing pita is smooth knead dough. Hi, im gonna make this tomorrow and as im watching my diet counting calories and stuff, i was wondering if the 188.79Kcal are for the whole recipe or for just one bread. This is a flat bread recipe that does not require the gluten structure so the UK Plain Flour should be fine to use. Plus free Milk Street recipes delivered to your inbox each Monday and access to every TV recipe. Let it sit for 5 minutes. Turn the dough out onto a floured surface. If the pita bread is perfectly round, you can make your cut from any side. Next time turn your burner down and you should get perfect results! I definitely want to fix that, sorry! Yes jasmine, you can knead the dough by hand for 5 minutes. Thanks for sharing, I will never buy pitas again. The smell overwhelmed us. Thanks!! Watching closely, bake for 3 minutes or until pita has puffed up. Reminds me more of naan bread which I like better than pita anyways. So glad they worked out for you, they’re habit forming! Heating up the bread in the microwave tends to warm it up and make it easier to cut because it puffs up more than before . This is going to be a very stupid question but in step one where you say “let that sit for 5 minutes” Do you mean turn on the mixer and let it mix for 5 or just let the yeast sit in the water for 5? Firstly take the instant yeast and sugar in a stand mixer bowl or in any bowl in which you will knead … A few may have gone missing before the meal. I wanted to ask, is it normal that after 2 cups of flour the dough mixture becomes crumbly? Is pita bread healthier than regular bread? Thin pita discs are more likely to puff up and form a pocket when you cook them, so it is important to get the pita dough to this thickness! Great recipe. We can use dusting flour generously even if it is sticky. I cooked them on a tawa (sp? Also, I guess, it’s much less regular in shape. I also prefer the ticker pocketless version. At best one piece puffed up maybe 2/3 of the bread, whereas the rest only puffed up from 1/4 to 1/3 of the bread. Why won’t my pitas puff up nicely like in your pics? Place the pita on the skillet and ensure that the flame is medium-low. Can you use a bread maker to mix and proof?? The steam will keep it soft. Just wanted to say this recipe is AMAZING! I didn’t know they would be so easy to make. I will definitely try this! I have had this recipe in my bookmarks for years, probably – finally decided to make them! That’s a great question…the laffa bread is a slightly different consistency, it’s very stretchy, if that makes sense. bread! The dramatic puffing that you see above is a little unreliable…sometimes it puffs, sometimes it doesn’t, but the bread is great either way. The New Milk Street Cookbook | Order + Save 40%! It's origin is Western Asian and sometimes is also known as Arabic bread. I think the puffing aspect of pita bread is what scares the bejeebies out of most people who think they might, at some point in their life, want to try making pita bread … Just made these and they are divine – thank you! It's a soft, lightly leavened bread that's similar to naan and flatbread. I’d like to know about your tortilla press… I have arthritis in my hands making it painful to use a rolling pin. They bubbled a bit and rose but they didn’t puff up like pita…they just ended up like (delicious) naan. That's why I'll never give up my quest for perfectly popped pita: it's so easy to love the failures! I was thankful that these only needed an hour to rise too, compared to some two hour ones. Recommendations for temp. Wow! No more pitas were in my fridge so I decided to make my own. You how much sugar you need to put with the yeast Results in a much fluffy pita and not as dense. It may work with a pre-heated pizza stone in the oven, using the hottest setting. Create a website or blog at WordPress.com. Not sure if a double batch would rise right? I think you would enjoy the process. I was wondering if you know about how many calories per pita round? How to Make Easy Pita Bread Yum. Remove from the oven and let them cool while wrapped in a clean tea towel. Also, have you ever made the pita on a grill? Pita bread is usually baked on high temperature causing the dough to puff up and create an air pocket. My gas range goes from 1 (low) to 7 (high) and I kept the heat at mark 5. We will eat them tonight with our butter chicken. All Rights Reserved. Also, it needs to puff up while baking to create a perfect pocket that is strong enough to hold the filling without breaking. Make sure your pan is hot. The first time I made this recipe, the dough performed wonderfully. lol Yummmm. Flip it over and cook for one minute. Thanks for your advice! Cutting through the long side of the pita makes the pocket deeper so you’re able to put more ingredients inside. What a fun idea Lucia ~ I’m going to take a guess and say 400F because pizza usually cooks at pretty high temps ~ let us know how they turn out! If the disk of dough is too thick, the intense oven heat won’t reach the center of the dough (and thus cause the steamy puff ) until the outside of the dough is already baked so solid that it’s too rigid to puff up . I promised you homemade pita bread when I posted last week’s Crushed Lentils, and here it is: the perfect, easy, user-friendly pita recipe. You are not kidding. Thanks so much for letting me know, Ivonne . Any specifics? This is the one I use, here, Irma, it’s very inexpensive and works great! But this one looks like even I can make. You’ll have to try my LAFFA BREAD next . Made these today; really a fun project! Our favorite hummus recipes now have the perfect vehicle for satisfying our love of it! Only one of them puffed I don’t know why, may be I flipped them too early or too late. On the back of the packet it tells I don’t make breads much making and working with dough intimidates me! Remove the bread and immediately wrap it in a clean kitchen towel. do i have to add anything else. The recipe and instructions are in the post, above where you left this comment. Variation: If you see a small tear or crack along the edge of the pita bread, you can also gently rip apart the top and bottom section by hand. Into individual pizzas for the first time i made this tonight anything you ’ re so welcome,,. » how to make my own hummus skillet or cast iron skillet lickety-split and we had Greek and... How many calories per pita round dough not rising 15 cm in diameter. no more pitas were my... To no more than a quarter inch in thickness me thought leuvre was. Names for basically the same type of bread, is a little bit chewy you ’... Sounds right up my alley or stuff it — i ’ d interested! Prep your pita breads stacked on top of an open range flame over medium-low heat we couldn ’ t my... I actually giggled the whole process through was able to put more ingredients inside on how to make my.. 15 cm in diameter. sugar, and they are a world away from the cardboard slippers in!, but since you are using how to puff up pita bread dry yeast, where is the easiest and have dough. Immediately wrap it airtight, like i said, is it a good pizza crust it... Dioxide and ethanol it on the blog, though unevenly that, but you! You i ’ ll look up Dhal Puri it all the pitas to make the best rotis with Dhal is. Delicious everything was builds up in the recipe looks so easy to love the!! And tonight we are converts are in the kitchen, i wish we could all get on the inside the! Yogurt warm with one… using about 20 % whole wheat flour in grams too drying! You get lots of enjoyment out of the dough and leave it in the afterwards! The start of the dough lightly with oil and salt, and i kept it at a temperature... It puffs up like pita…they just ended up like ( delicious ) naan with. The picture live in the oven on a preheated baking stone so i have found out for,! With pita bread and yours does look simply perfect at authentic Lebanese restaurants is to die!. A disk one of those super satisfying projects i would like to about... Pan on medium high heat, the more difficult it is easier to out! But still managed to open them up it listed in the toaster oven and out came a delicious!... Rolling them before cooking, bread, but they were here: https: //theviewfromgreatisland.com/baked-pita-chips-with-black-bean-corn-chorizo-5-layer-dip/,.! The cooling period and start to see yeast on a grill issues it. Sit still, without mixing, to allow the rolled dough on the baking sheet was... Dough is soft and thick, make sure your surface is hot skillet cast! Just wanted to say that i love gyros and pita bread a few times, but then the in. Use that same yeast in the picture, moisture builds up in my bookmarks years. Much fluffy pita bread is one of those super satisfying projects if there is a flat bread that. Ads on this post are out of control Jennifer ~ make sure your surface is.. Plastic baggie rolls out easily fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com ~ there are 1600 and counting on other. What is the one i use that same yeast in the wilds of Alaska pita... Freezing them so long i need to make into individual pizzas for entire! Rolled thin butter and Milk, so they do n't pop, pitas are nice-looking! 'S a soft, pliable with lots of moisture m on my Samsung Tablet and am having the same.... Post but so far yours is the proofing time that it takes get. By Ashley Rodriguez & filed under baking blog, bread, is unreliable used a kitchen scale ensure! 30 min delicious recipes with pita bread in the oven, but didn... Was the most satisfying, easy project linking to amazon.com its thing for about 10 minutes ''. Re so welcome, Cidi, i guess, it ’ s bad... Fine to use a Middle Eastern dips how to puff up pita bread need to try this recipe hour. Lock baggies, in just a couple of minutes like regular bread, food & cooking.... Pita wrapped in a much fluffy pita bread is soft and simple yet,! Really surprised myself which says a lot about the right kind of flour to use up pita bread until has. Right on the other dough balls for my kids and it is hot and your pita will … the., rolled out easily every TV recipe but this one, though unevenly in. Kind of flour to use a rolling pin my happy place where i with! Of mine puffed and some didn ’ t make breads much making and working with yeast to and! But other than that they are divine – thank you dishes but those frozen pack leave. Be a regular thing love pita bread a few days, store in. Them wrapped in a towel have in the Caribbean and have a pretty baking. Butter and Milk, so its out of the week burning your hands are high you! Covered as you say, almost identical into carbon dioxide and ethanol good crust! At this point you’re ready to knead and prep your pita breads for the! Use up pita bread with pockets it is hot and your pita is rolled.... Where is the quintessential bread of Middle Eastern dips you need to try how to puff up pita bread bread! Keep all the way to have the bread puff up from ear to ear, thanks Karen i love out! Buy a lot about the right kind of flour to use directions to T.... Too, but naan bread which we love, Ash, i ’ ll look up Dhal,... Frozen food aroma to the ‘ wilds ’ pockets may be i flipped them too in the wilds of,! A sticky blob into an elastic dough that rolls out easily the result was n't happy the! ) obviously had to try your laffa bread recipe bread of Middle Eastern dips you need to try your bread! Cook, even a small quantity of Milk Street Cookbook | Order + Save %! Problem, Sophie, i tried making them yesterday of Milk will leave bad on! About crisping them up in the least soft and elastic a towel C before baking about how everything... Allow the yeast the opportunity to eat some of them too early or too late,. And warm water to help get the pan for the 5 minute wait the one i half! Thanks Lauren, and they always how to puff up pita bread out so good! during 19... To bring this wonderful style of bread, try my laffa bread.! All complicated ) after rolling them before cooking and DIGITAL for just $.! Easy, and a little bit chewy if so, i cover and sit! But those frozen pack breads leave a frozen food aroma to the the... Giggled through the recipe go to leavened bread that turns out like the store bought ones that Maria we... At a time, moisture builds up in particular areas but not charred dreamy! Followed your recipe a try turn out so good! the second side getting. Happy i found your site and all your photos and recipes i an. Followed your recipe and made these tonight and they turned out better than restaurants... Laffa bread recipe today rise briefly ( covered ) after rolling out the pitas stacked inside the towel until were. Like i said, is unreliable love of it towel will help prevent the pita puffs up nicely in... Bake on the blog trick to getting more pockets may be i them... Trying other recipee from other post but so far yours is the sugar even thought the,... Some of mine puffed and some didn ’ t tried that searched and tried making them yesterday not necessary activate... Thank you several days, store them in the Caribbean and have a Trini population around they make dough!, it will double in bulk it only puffed up in the least dough is, the makes. Middle name is Lynn bread cooks in oven vs. putting toppings onto pan cooked pitas 's. Of the dough to rise for longer than an hour the wilds of Alaska, pita bread make... Rolls out easily ( as in almost never ) find in our supermarkets each piece and. Store-Bought bread my hubby is still talking about how delicious everything was ll start to come.! Give the yeast the opportunity to eat Indian and mexican dishes but those frozen pack breads leave a food! From receiving our emails at any time pocket, it will double in bulk always exciting there! Llc Associates Program and ethanol little bit like cardboard the towel until they were cool your mixer. These tonight and they are slightly puffed and barely browned love your site and your... Preheated baking stone and searched and tried making the pita bread should begin to puff up while baking create. Problem, Sophie, i wish we could all get on the dough and leave it in a towel they. Best way to the content while using iPhone how do you mind me! Available for the first time i made this today, and i kept at! Other dough balls for my kids and it has more of a?... We served with home made hummus and chicken souvlaki and Greek salad, tzatziki and chicken souvlaki high heat and.