I’d suggest weighing the kids daily to see how much they’re gaining. Just a suggestion for ones who are having issues getting their babies to take the bottle. They could wind up starving if they don’t get the hang of it, and you never know at what point the mom will no longer accept them back. https://thriftyhomesteader.com/a-beginners-guide-to-goats/. Thank you. My poor baby Elspeth (that’s her name) died last night. I have a 8 day old and a 12 day old. If no one will let it nurse, then you need to start bottle-feeding ASAP, and you need to get colostrum from the does that had babies within the last two days days and feed that to the kids for the first 24 hours. It can take several days or even a week sometimes. https://thriftyhomesteader.com/diarrhea-in-goats/. I have tried several nipples with no luck. I just want to ensure the “demand” is right, to make for good “supply” through and after she weans them. It could be a bacteria or virus or any number of things. A few days after the diarrhea is gone, you can offer a handful of grain a day, but that’s optional until they’re at least 10-12 pounds. If you have a 6-pound kid, that’s 6 X 16 = 96 ounces, so 10% would be 9.6 ounces of milk. 2 tbs. I recommend fresh goat milk whenever possible. If so, with what and how much? Weighs 37oz as of this evening, up from birth weight of 33oz. I hadn’t had to restrain her to milk her. He is acting okay, and peeing and pooping, but I’m really concerned about him. Mom will not nurse and think she killed one of them stepping all over it she constantly tries to get away from them. They do fine on whole milk. Hopefully your babies are taking more milk now. For right now, if she is 2 pounds … (with 8 hour sleep break), Yes, you should have a bucket of water available. If you have a human baby bottle, it’s much harder. Wash them in hot water immediately after every use. As they start eating hay and goat feed, you can gradually decrease the milk replacer until they are weaned. Weigh them and do the math in the article to figure out exactly how much you need to be feeding them as they grow. The little girl is tiny and is no where near close to going outside to be with the rest of the heard. Growing up we raised dairy goats (Nubians, Saanens, Alpines and LaManchas) and we bottle fed all our babies. Enjoy holding your baby and looking into their eyes as you feed them. we done everything in our power. It was confirmed that they both had coccidia, and we are on day 3 of Albon treatment. The vet can send a fecal to a lab for further diagnostics. She tries but they seem to slip through the gap between the teeth and plate. I have a 4 day old Nubian baby girl. It is a good idea to keep a bag of the colostrum on hand as well. My premie is outside full time now and doing really well. He was bottle feed before I took him home. Thank you! Having never done it before was a huge thing. In any case, you should not see diarrhea from a non-infectious cause for more than one or two poops. I’ll increase her feeding to 10-11 oz. We didn’t get much information about weight, history, vaccinations or anything. One is about 5 mths now and doing great the other passed right after weening we still don’t know why. We are in love with these goats and want to do the responsible thing for them and our wallet. She gets around just fine. Since she is so small I’d definitely go for the 4 ounces per bottle but no more. But you can give two bottles still. I just dont want her going to long without getting anything. I have never had a bottle baby goat. Some kids will happily take a bottle while still with mom, but not all. Sometimes that’s all it takes for them to grab it and start suckling. The amount of milk per bottle slowly increases from 3 ounces to 5 ounces or so. At this point he has not been exposed to anything. I read that link. I know she is getting some milk from her mom and I don’t want to over feed her. If you let me know how much they weigh and what breed they are, I can give you a better idea of what’s normal for them. I’m more worried about her in that aspect. She didn’t appear to reject any babies but I’ve noticed I have one that is smaller than her three siblings. I have two Nigerian three week old kids. They have all been sick pretty much the whole time I went through two rounds of antibiotics because of pneumonia. If you can’t milk her, and there are no other kids, then you can just let her dry up. Should I keep milking? Right now he’s just interested in running and playing and not really paying attention to what the other goats are doing. He has some loose stools this morning. I’m so sorry! We generally bottle feed about every four hours or when the kid squawks. **Mama had triplets and did not take to her, and with her being so weak she didn’t even try and get to mama. she went limp and passed away. And Valbazen drench? And odds are good that once she realizes she can get “free” milk from the bottle, she won’t nurse much at all. The amount you’re giving would be fine for small breeds like Nigerians but not enough for standard goats or meat breeds. They seem energetic. But if you do that with triplets, you will have three sickly, skinny kids. It’s normal for them to sleep a lot the first few days or week. If you don’t help, they could die by this afternoon. The worst part, though, is that they don’t know they’re a goat, and eventually you will have to put them outside, and it will be a very sad day as you listen to that kid screaming for hours. Sometimes that causes diarrhea, especially if it mixed incorrectly or if it not a goat-specific milk replacer. Unsubscribe at any time. It sounds like he should do well with nursing, but there are no guarantees, so weighing him is the best option so that no one is guessing. That would explain why she couldn’t stand, couldn’t suckle, and couldn’t control her body temperature. We ended up taking him to the vet. This year I have 3 bucklings I hope to sell & they have been with mom for the first few days of course. No doubt there will be lots of screaming. If her udder does wind up with edema, which is pretty rare, you can put hot compresses on it while you milk. If the diarrhea was caused by too much milk, it should stop as soon as you cut back on the amount of milk you’re feeding. Any help would be appreciated. He only poos once a day! I am pregnant and can’t get out there to milk them and with his job, it is very difficult. He needs 10 to 20% of his body weight, so 25 pounds X 16 ounces = 400 ounces, so he needs 40 to 80 ounces a day. Thanks! Do NOT give them water in a bottle as it has been linked to peeing blood, so is NOT recommended. If I were to get a 3 week old bottle fed kid, could I safely only feed him morning around 6 am, evening around 5, and night around 10pm? Required fields are marked *. Today each had about 4 oz in the morning. we brought them inside the second day because we realized she had mastitis.