At this We were passed by a solo skier just before the meadows and he broke trail exactly in the right direction for us. As I laced up my hiking boots, a snapped shoelace was the first omen. All this is no doubt intended to deter casual wanderers and to keep the wild wild but, given the expanse that is the Sunshine Meadows, one has to wonder if it’s necessary. I’d done Healy Pass trail two times already in winter and I was totally prepared for how long the initial slog would be. Thanks to Healy Pass Peak, I’m happy to proclaim that my “larch fever” has been cured…at least until next September!!! © 2017 Matthew Hobbs | Current design by Matthew Hobbs - Original Design by Andreas Viklund, “larch madness” that’s overtaken Moraine Lake and other larch hotspots, Verdant Wildfire bumped up against Twin Cairns very near Sunshine Village.        3:50Descent time:      2:30. 3. A picture of Healy Pass peak hosted by The fall air was brisk and refreshing yet the sun’s kiss was warm. Retracing my way back up to Healy Pass. bout of cardiac arrest at bay! Snowshoeing check_circle. Defeated, I decided to “just” hike to Healy Pass (still 18 km round trip) and started up the wide trail in a huff. Whilst the stats looked pretty gruelling, the Healy Pass hike is actually on the easier side when compared to other trails in the Rockies. Consider This/ After being so uptight for much of the morning, the summit of Healy Pass Peak was nothing short of cathartic! Joseph and John Healy were brothers and it’s not clear which the pass was named for (although Joseph seems to have been more involved in local events). Healy Pass is located in Banff National Park in Alberta, close to the border with British Columbia. Views west towards the Egypt Lakes from Healy Pass’ larch-laden meadows. Again, I tried to attack the summit from the climber’s left so as to respect the restricted south ridge (right). One of Banff’s quietest trails, the Healy Pass hike takes you to a remote pass with stunning mountain views, alpine meadows and far away from the maddening crowds. wikipedia; Hiking Trails (7) 1. No matter, I’ll wear my mountaineering boots. Posts about Healy Pass written by Robert. The pyramid shaped mountain to the right is Pharaoh Peak. Upon returning to Healy Pass, I found it just as gorgeous and golden as when I left it earlier! I have no idea what it could be monitoring; the area isn't exactly an … Though DIFFICULT 21.0 mi. I’m hoping to return to the Ramparts at some point in the next year or two to see just how far the fire advanced up their western (unseen here) slope! As I tried to get said little one out the door, our exit was delayed by tantrums and toddlerisms. The reasoning for naming this peak is the same as how Burstall Pass Peak was named. After 7.5 km without much to see, the scenery suddenly exploded as I neared the tree line. Elevation gain: 655m. Elevation: 2570 m Larches for miles at the base of the Ball Range to the west! Golden goodness to cure my “larch fever”. DIFFICULT 21.0 mi. That must have been ONE HELL OF AN AVALANCHE! Blink and you’ll miss it. It takes a couple hours for the trail to climb into the alpine but those who persist through viewless woods are amply rewarded. Throw in a lake midway up a mountain and some great wildlife watching opportunities and you get a hike that is well worth putting on your must-do list. With the aim of giving the Parks closure a wide berth, I hiked down from Healy Pass for a full 200 m on the official trail to Egypt Lakes. The walk down to the Egypt Shelter lets the legs stretch after the long uphill. It was unconsolidated sugar and our poles pushed 1.5 meters to ground when we went off trail! point, I fell way behind Raff (who had caught up to us) and Joanna, Looking northwest beyond Gibbon Pass Peak (left) towards a multitude of mountains along the Icefields parkway. More distant Mounts Whitetail (center left) and Verendyre (center right) are both named but much less obvious from this vantage. The distance to Healy Pass from the far end of the Sunshine Parking lot is 9.9 KM. Not wanting to waste the day, however, I came up with a more modest Plan B. Healy Pass Peak has been on my snowshoeing to-do list for ages but I figured that it would make a great larch hike as well. It’s 2017 so a selfie is more or less obligatory. Joanna We wanted to bag an official summit just north of the pass and I broke trail from the top of the ridge to the base of the first (false) summit. Healy Pass Peak & Ramparts * Scroll down to content. The Matterhorn of the Rockies highlights the view to the south from just below the summit. the mountain before I was even close to the summit). The Monarch and Nestor Peak are in British Columbia. The serpentine R457 winds through a desolate, otherworldly landscape, passing between two of the highest summits in the Caha mountain range and rising to 334 metres above sea level. Healy Pass Access Description: Drive Sunshine access road branching west from Trans-Canada highway some 10 minutes north of Banff townsite; park here. sam. Watch Queue Queue This is a very popular peak-bagging objective if the wealth of online trip reports is any indication, and Zosia Zgolak The reasoning for naming this peak “Healy Pass Peak” is the same as how “Burstall Pass Peak” was named by Andrew Nugara. Mount Bourgeau, as seen from near the end of the trip. Trailhead: Sunshine Gondola Parking. The Monarch from the meadows before heading towards Healy. The unnamed ridge to the left looks like a lovely place to wander off-piste. It can be accessed by foot. Park at Sunshine ski area parking lot. A blister where my little toe once was. Recognizing the early signs of “larch fever”, my work and wife granted a prescription for the only cure to my ailment – an autumn alpine adventure! No matter, I’ve got a head lamp – who needs an alpine start? Es gibt verschiedene Aktivitätsmöglichkeiten. summit view was magnificent (as was the J�germeister! The Monarch Ramparts in front of The Monarch, Mount Bourgeau was impressive throughout the latter part of the ascent. Read next: 10 beautiful Tofino hikes to do on Vancouver Island and The quietest hike in Banff - the Healy Pass hike. Isabelle Peak (distant left) and massive Mount Ball (right) tower above Lesser Pharaoh Peak (center left). But the hike is worth it—and good for you. After cresting the pass, the trail continues west towards Redearth Creek and the Egypt Lakes. After a quick stop back home to grab Crux, I was finally able to start my drive to the mountains (during peak rush hour of course). Glorious hiking among the golden hued alpine bench west of and below Healy Pass Peak. Shortly Bourgeau. Storm Mountain soars skyward above Gibbon Pass’ larch-littered meadows. An update on the glacier lily bloom at Healy Pass 2020. Views of The Monarch and the Monarch Joanna and I travelled I was able to Mouse over for lines. This was somewhat curious as the restriction was intended to protect sensitive off-trail alpine areas. From here, there are amazing views of Egypt Lake (below), Scarab Lake, and Haiduk Peak towering above. On descent, I found easier terrain a little further to the north. The Monarch from the meadows before heading towards Healy. From that point, the open west-facing slopes of Healy Pass Peak beckoned! at the top, Alison, Heath, Joanna and Raff had already celebrated Start your adventure in the Sunshine Village ski resort parking lot. As you can see, the scenery to the north/west of the pass is as fine as that to its south/east! The Sunshine Village parking lot was very full. There are plenty of good size boulders in the pass to recline on and least your eyes roam. I have no doubt this super fit person could have made it up and down My frustrations with the double standard applied to commercialism and legitimate exploration of our Parks aside, I was fairly tickled to have found a “loophole” in the area closure that would allow for my legal access to Healy Pass Peak! Hiking the ridges of Mount Healy beyond the trail is permitted, but can be dangerous. Last glimpse from Healy Pass, weather has deteriorated. Just a couple of miles from where we were staying at Adrigole, the Healy Pass should not be missed. Bookended by the Sphinx (left) and Greater Pharaoh Peak (right), the Egypt Lakes make for a fine backdrop as Crux and I enjoy the grandest of days atop Healy Pass Peak! The Monarch Ramparts and their long north-south ridge appear to have been another key point where the Verdant wildfire failed to jump the continental divide. …the next 7.5 km, however, could only be described as Bourgeau-esque. Healy Pass amidst a sea of gold. After a steep grunt up alongside the old rock slide, the ascent angle eased and the summit came into view just above. The peak had been my goal but it seemed that a Parks area closure would thwart me…unless…. top of my list of snowshoe trips to do. **I chose to go via Healy Pass, Sunshine Village** The dim light of dawn as I near Healy Pass.