Dog Training. People wanting knowledge before they look for their new puppy. Dog Training That Works! Dog Done Good provides expert dog training services in Westchester County, NY. 5. Do you listen to your dog? doing the actual work) and Gary as Chief Field Tester – i.e. This is largely a process of training the human — much of how a dog interprets our behaviors, commands, tone and body language is counterintuitive at first. 5 out of 5 stars. Gary did an excellent one-on-one session with our 8 month old Cockerpoo. There she was introduced fully to the world of shooting and conservation including her first unforgettable (and exhausting) day beating for grouse across the Derbyshire moors! Dog trainers can perform a range of activities, ranging from training law enforcement dogs to working with therapy dogs or search-and-rescue dogs. Does your dog listen to you? Marty started his Dog Training Career in 1983 when he enrolled in the infamous Jack Healy’s K-9 Command Dogs, located in Manhattan. When you want your dog to burn some energy or socialize with other dog a dog daycare is an option to have fun and socialize. Typically used in nursing homes, hospitals, schools and/or retirement homes, therapy dogs possess certain personality traits including that of a good temperament and an easy personality. and the notes we got after the session has been very helpful in keeping up the training. 970 people follow this. Learn to “speak dog” and create calm, peaceful, happy obedience with Calm Energy’s tried and true, uniquely effective methods. Come along to my training classes and see the benefits for both you and your dog. Get Directions +44 7754 003021. Additional services include one-2-one dog training, home visits, behaviour consultations and litter temperament testing. This easy step by step guide will take you from selection through training your ultimate dog. For me this has to be enjoyable for both parties as the short term effort in training will lead I’m Nicole Martel, your local dog trainer and behavioral therapist, serving Westchester and Putnam counties and the Bronx. Then, you can show off your well behaved dog and become the envy of your neighborhood amongst other dog owners! With many years practical experience of training gundogs, Gary is a very keen shooting and trialing man who knows only too well the value of a properly trained working gundog. Dog Training, Puppy Training and Aggressive Dog Training in Westchester County, NY Regional Dog Training Director: Mike Rudnick, CDBA. So much knowledge learnt. Group classes are especially useful for dog who like to jump up to greet people and need to work on manners around strangers and other dogs. or. × We can help! my ethos is “train for fun, skills for life”. Having started out at the age of twelve, as a beater on The Earl of Derby’s Estate, , he then acquired his first spaniel from a gamekeeper, . My training ethics are to be practical with an everyday approach to dog training with kindness and understanding of individual dogs and owner’s needs. He was mesmerised by the pickers-up and their dogs, and so he progressed to a young cocker spaniel (called L. eece) trained by a dear friend, gundog trainer Ian Griffiths – that was the start of Gary’s love affair with working gundogs. We work hard to solve all of your dog’s behavioral issues and create a better relationship between you two. Puppy School, Beginners, Improvers, and Advanced classes are available in Great Notley, Panfield (near Braintree) and Broomfield (near Chelmsford). Online Training. New York dog behavior expert, Cesar Millan Ambassador, with over a decade of real-world experience, serving Manhattan and Brooklyn NYC. Gary Mulvaney Dog Trainer. This course is for. Learn how to teach your dog in a friendly, comfortable group class setting. Robert has over 30 years experience in training dogs and families how to have a well behaved dog.