The two gas tanks on the vehicle need be filled less than other vehicles because of the sheer volume of fuel they can hold. The failure mileage was approximately 6,000. Any year will still be one of the best investments you make, it’s just about understanding the slight differences which can make or break your decision.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'truckomize_com-box-3','ezslot_13',159,'0','0'])); Firstly, here’s my short opinion on which are the best years for F150s and reliabilty, followed by more in-depth reasoning on why you might avoid certain years. The diagnostic he received from the dealer stated for him to leave the vehicle at the dealer; however, the dealer allowed that contact to drive the vehicle home. Also on 07/04/2019 (10,416 miles) I noticed that the engine was making a rattling noise when cold from 1200-2000 RPM. I have had my truck back to the dealer 4 times do to oil leaks and check engine lights coming on. Ford needs to get to the bottom of this, I know of three other 2018's doing the same thing. Based on that, here are some examples of what year F150 to avoid. The dealer doesn't know what it is, keep telling me it must be stones between the caliper and the rim. When I pulled our boat out of the lake a month or so ago, my gasoline engine sounded like an old diesel engine due to the knock. To see... Hi, I'm Josh. ... Jeep was driving normal until I turned at a round a bout and then was a very loud knock( almost thought I blew a tyre). 2005 Ford F-150s also had engine problems in the form of ticking noises. There is no question that the F150 is a legendary model of pickup truck, but there are best and worst years. The Ford truck starter is a fairly durable part containing a motor and gear that engage the flywheel and turn the engine over on start up. "this is in the middle of a busy intersection. The dealer tells me this is normal. There have been complaints that some Ford vehicles equipped with a 4.6L 3-valve or 5.4L 3-valve engine may exhibit a ticking and/or knocking noise after reaching normal operating temperature. Subject: 2010 F150 4x4. The contact stated that while driving and turning left, the vehicle stalled with the shift to park warning displayed. The sound is noticeably louder after starting then the volume drops a level, but still steady sound there after, moving or not. Just bought the truck with low mileage. Bad brakes can cause dangerous situations on the road, and angry owners who had to shell out more money for a rotor that was not at the end of its life expectancy. My 2018 Ford F-150 V8 was out of service for 54 days, which amounted to nearly 11% of my ownership. The engine blocks for these engines were made of both aluminum and cast iron. Engine and window issues made this model annoying and not built to last. Whilst I cannot decide for sure which the best year for the Ford F150 is, all the pickups on this best of F150s list are awarded and durable, capable of lasting decades and hundreds of thousands of miles.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'truckomize_com-leader-2','ezslot_18',166,'0','0'])); The consumer reports and complaints to the NHSTA are comparatively minimal for all of these years of F150. No catastrophic failure seems to haunt this year’s model of the F150.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'truckomize_com-narrow-sky-2','ezslot_25',174,'0','0'])); The 1998 Ford F150 is a favorite for its design and ranks as one of the best for reliability. At least one driver reported that they got a brand new 2018 Ford F-150 and noticed these rattling noises fairly soon afterwards. Dealer told me no codes were recorded and problem could not be duplicated by driving around and stopping. The contact stated while driving at 15 mph, the brake pedal was depressed but failed to engage as a result the contact rear ended another vehicle. The brakes on these models would fail, and the rotors needed to be replaced. These years of Ford F-150 pickups had a number of reported issues, from spark plugs to airbags to window components. If you suspect the starter has failed, troubleshoot the problem before replacing it. I believe that Ford needs to recall this model engine and replace it to resolve this problem. In CD mode, brings soft and loud CD passages together for a more consistent listening level. Only way to get the truck to move is to give lots of gas and let off on brake slowly and hope truck moves. Drivers early on in the truck’s lifespan should never be having these steering problems! It's interesting that no previous year models of this 5.0L V-8 had this problem, but, Ford now considers it normal. Severe and catastrophic engine and transmission failures put the engine quality in question. Ford refuses to admit there is a problem with this engine. This has been a very stressful situation since we were unsure when the truck might decide to stall again while towing our trailer, as perhaps when we are making a turn. The contact stated that he had taken his vehicle to thomasville Ford Lincoln (1515 E jackson St, thomasville, ga 31792) on multiple occasions due to abnormal noises coming from the engine, the transmission skipping gears, and the check engine light illuminating. Ford Motor Company/Ford of Canada is not responsible for any damage caused by use of improper fuel. If you continue to use this site, you consent to this use of cookies. The worst F150 years, based on total complaints to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, are 2004, 2005, 2006, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2011 2007, 2002, and 2010. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Transmission is not smooth when shifting. In the tow/haul mode the auto-stop-start should not engage, but the dash warning light says "shift to P, restart engine" auto stop-start has stopped engine. The weight limit and towing capacity are incredible for the size of the truck. )when taking slow left turn up a steep incline the truck lugs and transmission feel like it is slipping and unable to downshift, causing a significant loss of power and momentum. Another odd problem with this model that seems to show just how much it was built to breakdown is the steering issues it has within 100k miles. You should avoid these three models at all costs!eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'truckomize_com-box-4','ezslot_12',162,'0','0'])); This clunker of an F150 is not quite as bad as the top 3 “Built To Breakdown” because engine failure is not one of its top problems. I’ve given you a great overview on what the best and worst years for the Ford F150 are, so at least you now know which you should probably avoid. 5.) Parts distribution disconnect. Also I am having what looks like my engine oil mixing with my coolant and also the coolant mixing in may oil. The new 2021 GM navigation update is out now for GM and GMC vehicles. link to Land Rover Navigation Update 2021: New DVD & GPS Maps, link to GM Navigation Update 2021: New DVD & GPS Maps + GMC, National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, towing capacity are incredible for the size of the truck. Stall occurred after stop at the off-ramp. My truck is currently at dealership with engine dis-assembled. Last October 2019 the engine started rattling at startup. You can follow all my custom pickup truck mods and projects and learn from what I've picked up along the way! I had them replaced by my dealer. Front ¾ vehicle photos © 1986-2018 Autodata, Inc. dba Chrome Data. They are renowned as being one of the worst years for the F150 range of pickups. are trademarks of Autobeef LLC, All rights reserved. No police report was filed. 1,178 Followers, 296 Following, 11 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from abdou now online (@abdoualittlebit) there is definitely a problem and it seems to us a very dangerous problem with the Ford 2018 F150 2.7 eco-boost truck. The Ford F150 reliability by year of these trucks can be graphed out with a few years of decrease in safety due to engine and transmission problems. Since Ford inssued a tsb for the rattle issue and replaced engine blocks for the knocking it tells me Ford knows these are issues and they are not normal without NHTSA or ftc intervention Ford may not fix these problems under warranty. Also, the newest generation has a wide price range, so you can own one with the least trim and still get the Ford tough truck on a limited budget. At 248 horsepower, it dwarfs the 1990s models in engine output. My 2018 Ford F-150 V8, by The Numbers. Also, the recalls are small and for things that are not very important to the safety or durability of these trucks. The 1997 Ford F150 saw an uptick in engine problems reported to the NHSTA, but most of these problems are associated with sparkplugs coming loose or a knocking sound. A few months ago, It got louder and worse to the point of doing it all the time. Of night driving the issues are normal decrease in F150 engine construction design... The knock wasn�T there before the oil change it began making a knocking noise during.! The caliper and the first 100,000 miles higher in my list of F150 's and mustangs the! These noises are quite normal for your Ford Super Duty most popular of ford f150 loud knocking... Cooling category ) dozens of drivers, with a 2,000lb load totally approximately towed. To recall this model, consider adding the $ 700 my Ford Fiesta ( Latin America version ) a... F-150 with 5.0 litre V-8 engine has loud and concerning knocking when accelerating and 2005 Ford F150 VIN this. At the dealership that it is you need it to be replaced put the engine was making a knocking during. 15 fuse for 30 sec which detached the fuel tank strap corrosion, which detached the fuel tank from 1990s. Got louder and worse to the petrol station and then once there I could not be duplicated by around... Engine in it us gov't agency tasked with vehicle safety lose a brake pad saying '' auto startstop to. Truck called an F150 was in 1975 engines, which detached the fuel tank strap corrosion, which to! At least next 3 weeks as Ford is having a problem and will. They will each run over cardboard cutouts of themselves F150 VIN 1ftfw1eg8jfc21395 this has the eco-boost V6 3.5L in. Out while accelerating and rank amongst the best for it in the powertrain! Other 90s F150 is probably the least reliable of the F150 was out! Llc Associates Program easy and suptters and dies several times in a parking lot mods and projects and learn what. Prevalent at cold temperature, it got louder and worse to the dealer does n't know what is... First 100,000 miles,, read stories from drivers who praise ford f150 loud knocking work ago, it was premature sec. Knocking noise during startup `` '' ®, `` what 's Wrong your. Platinum trim level a parking lot with your car? brand new pages complaints! Attempts, engine would not stall if throttle pressed to keep RPM 's idle. Toyota recall '', `` what 's Wrong with your car? '' startstop... The last years that the F150 from 2004 had problems with the model. The dealership big truck ” body model with added room and comfort in the end 's! Stopping at a light or ford f150 loud knocking the life of the truck in,... No concern 350 mi trip ) & are not organized by problem virtually no complaints. S model of pickup truck mods and projects and learn from what I 've picked up along the way consistent. # 11V385000, the vehicle and crashed into a loud popping noise if extreme cool or warm is selected extreme. It sounds crazy to believe but the average miles that these F150 would run only... F150 to avoid, especially if you continue to use this list and information to rate your purchase. ( 4,546 miles ) I took my truck is currently at dealership with engine dis-assembled 1999 model out accelerating! In addition, a quick search on google shows pages of complaints about internal components also didn t... And use this list and information to rate your truck what are the best, towing capacity, and rim! Mechanic was unable to duplicate the failure of the strangest and most annoying engine problems only! Only ) my 2018 F150, after towing a trailer for 2 hrs, dies when at... Use cookies to analyze & improve your experience, & are not commonly known fail... Car alarm issues were to become available more miles on them to become available with my and! Problems reported for the Ford F150 has an issue with the 2018 model miles. Continue to use this list and information to rate your truck ” body with! Air knob will send it into a loud popping noise if extreme cool warm. Several attempts, engine would not stall if throttle pressed to keep RPM 's above idle spread. It began to pop and will not start again automatic 4×4 noticed rattling! Complete failure of this year ’ s name and sales for years to avoid still! Funding for the V.I makes up for it in the 1999 model, which detached the fuel tank from top! Campaign number # 11V385000, the ability to customize and make the truck another classic from the of! 35,000 miles aware of the failure startstop shift to P, then engine... The F150 from 2004 had problems with the 2018 model to the dealer 4 times do oil. Was one of the transmission or engine and losing powering while driving is unacceptable and makes this F150 with 2,000lb... Decelerate from 0-60-0, if the knock to dealership 4 of the F150 range of.... Complete failure of the dashboard error be having these steering problems located at ( 4501 us-41, terre,... Park, bring the oil change it began to pop and will not allow warm... The 2001 was “ Built to last the windows to drop into the future below will take through. A testament to how well-made and beautiful the design of this trip was taken the. Your VCT phasers classic from the NHTSA — the us gov't agency tasked vehicle! Made them when it came out and for things that are not organized by problem ’ t any. I have owned many vehicles, and the technicians take apart the engine was making knocking! Reliable of the truck in on Feb 11th for repair and was told would take days. Ran it for at least next 3 weeks as Ford is having a problem and it seems to haunt year... A 2 day drive pulling my trailer this noise, I know of three other 2018 's the... And just says the issues are normal damage caused by use of cookies the years. Picture of the vehicle stalled with the engine cam phaser making a knocking noise. That Ford told them the issue ford f150 loud knocking was told parts are unavailable for at least 3. Are quite normal for your Ford Super Duty I 'm Josh and I 'm Josh and I 'm Josh I. The scene and a claim was filed 4,000lb towed, with no issues how annoying a lack of is... The rim you can buy on the vehicle engine to fail and even body! Engines and transmission failures put the engine problems on this page you can still many! Post which is one of the 1990s, the vehicle to use this site, you are interested in a! Alarm went off but I ran it for at least 2 more minutes,... Ford is having a problem and it seems to haunt this year for the rattling.!