Food handling standards are still questionable at times, so this is where it gets trickier to eat safely (since locals may wash fresh veggies in local tap water, or mix the dish with bare hands on the streets). Chim baung is another one – a sour green leaf made into fried curry dish or a soupy curry.. possibly often with fish.. maybe hard to find eating out though. Will go well with a sandwich for lunch–or stimulate an appetite for a cold supper in the summer or a sustaining supper in the winter. Heat oil. Any plans to go to Burma soon? Slice the cucumber (not too thinly), and cut each slice in four. Drain the hot water, rinse in cold water to stop the cooking process. That gap is sometimes scary, but once I was armed with my term “thut thut luh” I felt pretty confident to tackle the menu with a bit more gusto than I might usually. Add greens and salt, toss lightly, cover, and cook till greens are tender. Puree in a blender, solids first, until smooth. Sep 16, 2020 - Explore Rosalind Daniels's board "Burmese Recipes" on Pinterest. Being vegetarian means that I am sometimes much more conservative on my food choices than meat eaters, out of fear mostly. Look for roadside stands and little jars on your table with light brown solid chunks. It’s so good with a bowl full of rice and worked well as a compliment to many of the warm foods I tried. Really a lovely “sweet” Burmese soup–fragrant, spicy, and with an even balance between light and filling. Add turmeric, then onions, and fry till onion is clear. Tofu thote is eaten around noon, but only as snack, not as lunch. I always mix up vowel sounds in other languages and it would be helpful to know the sounds a bit better. Yummy! Under 150 calories per serving, this mild Burmese eggplant curry recipe, with its deliciously silky eggplant in a creamy, piquant gravy, is a perfect blend of sweet, sour, and spicy flavours. The caramelized onions impart so much flavor that you don't really need a replacement for the fish sauce besides salt! This is the case with Indian food and culture as well. Wash in clear water and drain. That makes me so happy to hear that it was not only useful when you first visited, but that you’ve found it useful since! I had some local vegetarian friends and this was a staple in their house. I started cooking burmese food for the first time this year. Hi Eeva! It can be tricky to find, but I know a handful of the major North American cities have Burmese restaurants (like NYC and San Francisco), so I hope you are able to try it soon…and good call on the tea leaf salad, it’s one of the most famous of the dishes, and so, so unique :). For delicious. I listed this dish first for a reason, I have a full-on obsession with shan tofu soup. It’s some sort of freshwater plant that no one can figure out the name for. :). :). Jul 11, 2013 - Burmese Khow Suey is a vegetarian version of the traditional Burmese dish. Coconut Fruit Rice. Ingredients vary but include onions, pennywort, nuts, and oily dressing. Thai food tasted better when I lived in Chiang Mai, and the Middle Eastern vegetarian foods I sampled throughout Jordan offered sensational flavors. 11. Add the onion and sauté until soft, about 5 minutes. I’m a big fan of dessert in general, but I steer well clear of all jellied desserts. Thanks! It usually consists of tomatoes, onions, crunchy peanuts, sesame, and oily dressing of some sort. Heat oil. Add the sesame seeds after 2 minutes. It is usually steamed with a special cooker in Shan state, while the Bamar people seem to cook it just like the normal rice. Where: Inle Lake is the Shan region of Myanmar so this is where you can most easily find the dish. The contrast of the browned tofu and the soft turnip is pleasant to the palate, and the flavorings give it an unusual and distinctive character. My Burmese pop-up at the Wild Garlic restaurant in Dorset. Wash off all this salt and juice. My philosophy on eating vegetarian while traveling is to do the best I can, but not to ruin my travel experience by refusing to eat foods that could have traces of fish products since it is so prevalent in Asia. Vegetarian Bean and Cheese Taco Casserole Yummly. Every time I think of the post I get a bit hungry — glad it looked tempting, I’m on a mission to inspire people to eat more veggies :::cue my evil laugh:::: ;-). Myanmar is also a country that changes quickly, so online guides usually have the latest information for pre-trip planning. This one is particularly tasty with fried garlic, sesame, and other seasonings. my hsband is allergic to sesame and fish and nuts, which makes eating this kind of food difficult, i wonder if its possible to eat some of these dishes unaltered with still avoiding those elements…, That’s really tough if he’s allergic to all three of those ingredients…I would suggest pictorial cards with the images on them. Also, ask your first hotel to write it down for you in Burmese script, and that can help! Having had a wonderful trip in Myanmar, I came back with assorted bags of crunchy toppings and was a bit unsure what was served with which!! I really appreciate your feedback, it was quite a task to find the names and descriptions since there is so little information about Burmese food on the internets :). She proved invaluable at helping me better understand Burmese food culture before, and on the ground throughout my trip to Myanmar with my niece. Heat 2 tablespoons vegetable oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Glad it’s helpful Ava…and can be so tough to travel in places where options extend to, well, white rice. Okay…I will be printing off this guide when I travel there…thank you! This is a dry dish. Place all the ingredients apart from the sweet potatoes in a large saucepan, bring to the boil, stirring then reduce the heat and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove bay leaves before serving. Vegan Burmese-Easy Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes. We would watch what other people ordered, flock to the crowded street food stalls, and enjoy the accidental orders when what we got didn’t measure up to what we expected (in fact, there are still at least three or four meals I ate for which I have no name, nor any idea how to re-order it!). A Little Adrift™ is proudly ad-free; all opinions and suggestions are my own. This dish was very delicious and that is the reason memorizing the mighty and mouth-watering mango salad with peanut and lime. Hey, Shanon there are 2 types of laphet thoke. Heat the two oils in a small deep frying pan, add turmeric, onions and garlic and fry over medium heat, stirring all the time, until onions and garlic start to brown. :). Hope you found something tasty for lunch yesterday! Thanks! Heat oil; fry onion till clear. Try this Burmese chicken pilaf then check out our Burmese fried chicken and more Burmese recipes.. When ready to serve, stir in finely sliced basil and ladle into bowls. Deep fried donut-sticks were particularly easy to hunt down in Mandalay. Middle Eastern vegetarian foods I sampled throughout Jordan, Snacks, Fried Foods, and In-Between Meals, sweet sugarcane treats outside of Inle Lake, essential tips for staying healthy on the road, Flavors of Burma: Cuisine and Culture from the land of Golden Pagodas, From the Land of Green Ghosts: A Burmese Odyssey, The River of Lost Footsteps: A Personal History of Burma, Under the Dragon: A Journey Through Burma, A Little Discussion… International Travel Documents for Minors, A Little History… Myths and Spirits in Modern Myanmar. much appreciation for all your myanmar info, but especially this; my appetite has been thoroughly whetted! While the rice is cooking, wash and prepare the vegetables. Drizzle a little oil and toss the noodles so it does not stick to each other. When ready to serve, pour the soup (barely warm) into a tureen and take it and the garnish bowls to the table. Vegies with Peppers. Then add the remaining garlic (pounded coarsely) and green chilis (cut the chili half way from the back) as topping and leave it for about 3 minutes. Rub with turmeric. Wash okra whole. Noodles, basic tomato paste, some crunchy fried beans fritters, and hot broth made this Ana’s favorite breakfast. Thinking we would outsmart the guidebook, we asked a lot of locals for the best Indian restaurant, and they all pointed to this touristy (but so cheap) hot-spot. Even though I grew up in Shan state, I’m still amazed by how Shan people prepare their meals. One of my favourite things to do in SE Asia is to try all the different street foods and local dishes. I have a love affair with tomatoes, it goes back about a decade (before that we were fierce enemies) and now we’ll never part ways. If you’re vegan, this should generally work for much of your travels as well since dairy is not prevalent in the region, but note that the phase doesn’t exclude eggs, honey, or things of that nature from your Burmese dishes. (Serves 4) 1 cup + 2 tablespoons chickpea (gram) flour ( 1 3/4 cup water. Once discovered, dishes and flavors from Myanmar are my passion, and Burmese friends ensured that I spent my time sampling delicious dishes, salads, and flavor combinations my palate had never before considered. We don’t need nearly the amount of meat the food industry claims is healthy. My recipe is a vegetarian version of Burmese curry that uses potatoes and green beans to replace the chicken and by omits the fish sauce. It’s often a bit drier when ordered elsewhere in Myanmar, and tastes different once again when ordered in Shan State, but the beaming vendor next door to the Soe Brothers Guesthouse in Hpa-an sold us on this delicious dish for breakfast; I think his conversation and tips went just as far as the soup in starting our day out on the right foot! Serve hot. Despite the U.S. lifting of sanctions in 2011/2012, Myanmar is plagued by human rights issues. 2. I do have a question…the term you used to have vegetarian food, how is it pronounced phonetically? Serve with rice. This has made me SO excited to get to Burma!! Burmese Mango Salad with lime and peanuts is inspired by a dish that I once tried at the one of my favorite Indian food restaurant. Cover and cook till curd begins to brown, moving carefully to prevent sticking. Sanitation standards are still not on par with neighboring Thailand, so it’s just too risky. Boil the noodles according to the package instructions until al dente. As for vegetarian, it’s tricky, and I am far from an expert but: Thut – kinda close to the English word “tote” like to tote a bag around., but with the o sound a bit more like an “uh”. Alternatives to this recipe: mustard leaves or pumpkin leaves. I have lived in Cambodia since leaving Yangon and don’t nearly enjoy the street food as much as in Mynamar.. ! About Vegetarian Khow Suey Recipe: Khow suey is a one-pot meal with noodles and veggies cooked in coconut milk and garnished with peanuts and fried garlic.Explore this Burmese delicacy bursting with authentic flavours. Ana ate veg for a lot of our travels (by choice), but meat options abound. Please, please read up on these before you leave and ensure you understand how to travel better—travel in a way that your money supports local people. Also, agreed on the term “lifeless,” doesn’t do justice to the nutrients and life inside of the veggies! Add chili and fry. Zhajiiang Mian - (Chinese, Main Dish) 2. I love Burmese food, its so tasty it warms you through to your heart as do the Burmese people. Skip. Sometimes a bitter dish, it makes for more enjoyable eating when modified and combined with other flavors. Sugarcane juice is available all over the streets of Yangon—and throughout much of the country, really. Thanks. The tea on your table is free. In this guide, we’ll cover all the major areas of Burmese cuisine I managed to hunt down and find while traveling in the Myanmar. Are you the kind of person who would choose Noodles over anything else in the world? Soak split peas overnight, or for at least 6 hours, in water to cover. Without her translating and introducing me to some of these dishes, I would have blindly passed through regions of Myanmar oblivious to some of the best local flavors, foods, and customs. Looks amazing! This is where our best conversations happened. Drain again. Stir well and cook 2 to 3 minutes. It’s a thick, salty dish made from fermented soy beans usually. A few girlfriends and I went to San Fransisco on a little weekend getaway. Ingredients. For my full review policy click here. Serve warm with bread. Hi Sharyn! For that reason, I adore this reliably vegetarian and vegan Burmese dish. See more ideas about Burmese food, Asian recipes, Recipes. When pulp begins to soften, add melon strips and stir well. Aug 20, 2020 - Explore Global Eats & Treats's board "Burmese Recipes", followed by 222 people on Pinterest. Fry until golden brown. :). … Be warned though, this is a street treat, so avoid the ice and choose a vendor with a generally clean machine and stall! The flavor is a bit more potent than I can handle, but they’re quite popular with the locals! We’d pick out six and go to town enjoying the flavors and fresh chapati bread. Then add soybean powder or paste and toss again. Happy (and tasty) travels! I also love to cook (I have a food blog – so I am especially excited for all the food and hopefully will be able to learn some recipes/cooking techniques while we’re over there ! Remove pan from heat and continue stirring until they are brown and crisp. I will try and find it! Cook a few minutes till sprouts just begin to tender. State your case upfront about being vegetarian; they will smile, laugh, and easily acquiesce once they understand. This is the story of a Florida girl (that's me!) Spicy Recipes Shrimp Recipes Asian Recipes Cooking Recipes Locarb Recipes Grandma's Recipes Chinese Recipes … Imagine it much like the rest of the vegetarian and vegan salads in Myanmar, it’s shredded ginger and the ingredients added to it depend on the region and your cook’s taste buds! We’re ready to get started with the best Burmese vegetarian food! Add remaining water and all other ingredients; lower heat. When cool, pour a little of this oil over the vegetables, add onions and garlic and toss lightly but thoroughly, adding extra salt and vinegar to taste. i’m headed to myanmar next month as a veggie and cannot wait. Yes, there is sometimes a huge language gap in Myanmar. It was a lot of fun to see how different dishes had integrated into the culture, and sample all of the new flavors! Love the dishes you highlighted, your photos and descriptions. This is it’s reliably vegetarian and vegan. It’s a fair point Rishi, I know a lot of men claim they can’t get enough protein to feel good when they eat vegetarian, but I think the real root of the issue is because so few vegetarians eat really well, instead of bulking up on fresh veggies and alternative foods like quinoa, lentils, and that sort ot hing, they just stick with adding more crap to their diet like chips, sweets, and fake meats. Hope your tohoo was tasty, there are twinges of jealousy creeping up in me right now at the thought. There were dozens of restaurants in Yangon and an unlimited vegetarian thali ran about US $2 most places—with veg biryani, restaurants, dosas, and just about anything else you love also available on the menu. But they’re popular all over Asia, and are served chopped, shredded, or cubed—then with ice, coconut milk, tapioca, or a variety of other sweet concoctions layered on top. It’s considered the national dish of Myanmar and every Burmese cook has a recipe … – The dough is “parata / palata” and is at most tea shops. Thanks Mark! My sister is a vegetarian and it’s really helpful to find blogs like this, given that sometimes we have no idea if there will or won’t be veggie options. For about 20 cents we were able to get one piping hot chapati and one small dish of Indian food; on offer were: curries, dhal, vegetable, and a potato dish. Slice onion. My boyfriend and i are starting out 2 year backpacking trip in Japan in September and traveling through Asia before migrating over to Europe. Serve this coconut curry over sweet coconut rice for a bright and refreshing comfort dish great for any season! Glad I’ve inspired you to visit, it’s has been such a highlight on my travels. Mouthwatering photos and list of food. I am particularly excited for Burma as it seems to be one of the few countries left in Asia that hasn’t been exploited by tourists yet. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort to cook well, man, it can be tasty to go vege!! (And so others can try them too). Due to Myanmar’s geographic location, Burmese recipes have been variously influenced by China, India and Thailand. Aw yay! 2 cups bread cubes, cooked in an inch of hot oil and butter until golden crisp–watch carefully, this goes fast. My reasons are a bit of everything. Sprinkle curry powder over, toss again, and serve. Looks soooo delicious! It’s usually a fairly bland/weak Chinese tea and it’s a safe way to hydrate since it’s served hot and sealed inside the tea canisters (be sure your cup is dry though when you start pour the tea). 100 Great Recipes (Absolute Press).. MiMi has appeared on BBC Radio 4's award-winning Woman's Hour and Food Programme, as well as the BBC TWO show A Question of Taste, and her recipes have also appeared in METRO, The Evening … I did consult extensively with a Burmese friend, and her input shaped this post. 2 potatoes, peeled and grated and cooked in an inch of hot oil until crisp and golden brown, then drained on paper towels. MiMi Aye is the British Burmese writer of, founder of supper club and community Burmese Food and Beyond, and author of NOODLE! Like most of Southeast Asia, Myanmar has a huge supply of fresh fruit on every corner and it’s the healthiest way to end a meal. But that’s silly to some extent. A “Beq Parata” is awesome…beans with parata bread. Heat oil in a medium saucepan, then lightly saute the garlic for 3-5 minutes, until it is fragrant. Amazing! This is a top five favorite for me and for good reason—it’s spectacular. Fruit should be tender enough not to have hard seeds and to have insides that can be used. I will be in SF for a couple of weeks in July. Chop pork very finely. The Chin Baung Kyaw will be ready to serve. And as a bonus, our friend spotted a vendor from our early morning bus too; once we knew the dish was out there, we were able to pay closer attention and find it on our own! that is spelt funny).. a soupy coconut noodle dish usually with chicken .. you should have seen it.. but if there is somewhere that does a vege version (which my mum does at home and my friends there).. it is really delish. If you know anything about Burmese Cuisine, please add to this article! Recipe and Photo from Snixy Kitchen. Coarsley grind or pound dried shrimp. Burmese Prawn Curry (Bazun Hin) Burmese Fish Curry; Duck. Start things off with some fantastic snacks – Mandalay bean fritters or Burmese mutton puffs are perfect for kicking off a feast. She says: ”When it comes to home-cooked comfort food, mohinga tops my list. Once you’re on the ground though, the internet infrastructure is still lacking in many ways, so use the Lonely Planet print guide to best navigate. It shares influences with its neighbours Thailand, India and China, combining them with techniques, ingredients and … Congratulations! The food looks absolutely amazing! Atho has become the most popular and fastest selling fast food in Chennai during the recent times. In a large saucepan or wok, heat the oil over high heat until hot but not smoking. This “sweet” Burmese soup is ferociously filling, thanks to all the substantial, deep fried garnishes. Serve garnished with sliced raw onion and lemon wedges. Thank you to the my Burmese friend for her tips, advice, and guidance. Hotpot food stalls lined the streets of Yangon in particular, so when we were hungry we would simply walk up to these, point at the delicious veggies and spices, say “thut thut luh,” then they served a tasty steaming hot bowl of tofu, noodles, and fresh vegetables. Burmese Dessert Slice tomatoes finely and fry together. Where: No doubt the best chapati street foods we tasted was at a stand almost directly across from the ET Hotel (29A 83rd, Between 23-24) in Mandalay. Pone Yay Gyi is a bit regional. :), Thanks a bunch for this post! These are also served at most tea shops if you ask! Cut chives in 1 1/2.inch lengths. That is likely hardly doing it justice, but your hotel your first day will likely break it down for you very happily! It’s the same yellow tofu, but instead of liquid and soupy, the chickpea-tofu sets firm, and is then sliced and garnished with cabbage, spicy chili paste, pickled veggies, and nuts/seeds/parsley. And let me know if you have any questions before you go! If you haven’t tried pennywort before (and I certainly hadn’t thought of it as any more than a weed in my garden) then you owe yourself a taste! People in Mandalay also eats this in morning. Turned out, Myanmar did not even sell the only medicine that would have treated it, so I was left downing oral rehydration salts every day to combat it until I could get treatment in Thailand. Burmese Fish Noodle Soup (Mohinga) Burmese Coconut and Chicken Noodle Soup (Ohno Kawkswe) NanGyi Thoke and Shwe Taung Kawkswe My local Burmese (/Myanmar, they refer to themselves as Burmese) serves their dish with rice noodles in a thick curry broth with tofu, bean sprouts, romaine hearts, and crushed peanuts. How much time do you have? Stir in the sesame paste. I definitely have to run and make myself lunch after seeing all of this! Slice onion and fry till clear. :). Check out this recipe . Noodles are a staple in the Myanmar diet, right under rice as the main source of food. Put in tomatoes and whole green chilies and simmer, covered, till tomato juice is incorporated. It can be really tricky, but all the various ways to say “vegetarian” is one of the first things I learn before i go to a new place! I just couldn’t get enough gyin thote and lahpet thote when I visited. Taste and add salt as necessary. Drain, grind to a paste in blender or put twice through fine screen of mincer. I’ve been in Burma for a week and I’m glad that now I can expand my restaurant vocabulary past the word “lephet tho” and “jezu” :), Glad you found it useful! A tasty treat, but not one for which I have a photo. This flavour-packed Burmese Eggplant Curry recipe features soft, melty eggplants stuffed with a savoury blend of rich tomato and spices. You’re welcome! Glad it’s inspired you EM! Wash and cut bamboo shoots into 1 inch length size. do you know the name of it? There was a huge range of deep-fried, pan-fried, and street-side snacks available all throughout the day. I couldn’t agree more about the tea leaf and ginger — it was SO unique and flavorful, and I had also come from Thailand, so it was fun to have some new flavor combinations to try out! Note: Firm vegetables such as chayote and the white turnip with a mauve top can also be used in this preparation. Add the rutabaga slices and stir fry for 2 minutes. :). If you make it to Burma, no doubt your sister will love it! Note that the Burmese word for salad is something along the lines of: thote, thoke, or thouq when written in the Roman alphabet. Due to Myanmar’s geographic location, Burmese recipes have been variously influenced by China, India and Thailand. Why We Love This. Oh wonderful! And if you go to restaurants, rather than all street stalls, it could be no issue. 2. See more ideas about Burmese food, Recipes, Asian recipes. I grew up on crossover foods in the U.S.—American versions of a country’s most famous dishes. The Burmese severed us boiled noodles, fried noodles, noodles in salads, noodles with crunchy toppings. This was, admittedly, not my favorite. Also note that this is not a guarantee on the shrimp paste/fish sauce; it really can depend on how well the cook understands Western vegetarianism. I haven’t been there in a few years, but this January I have the chance to return and I can’t wait. I still dream of some of those salads, so enjoy, it’s a tasty place to be! Cut the tofu into 5 rectangles about 1 inch wide, 2 inches long and 1/4 inch thick. Combine oil, onion and 2 tablespoons water in large non-stick skillet. Remove from the heat and serve with brown rice or Oriental Amaranth with Purple Cabbage. Salads Rainbow Salad (Lat Thut Song) Latest Recipes 1. And when all else fails, find the fruit! Yep, Burma Superstar, :) Let me know how it tastes! Ana and her friend Emma campaigned for one of these sweet treats each night, and though not the healthiest dessert on the planet, we loaded our dessert with bananas and everyone in the group enjoyed a few slices. Otherwise I agree, the raw fruits and veg in the country are just incredibly flavorful and worth sampling. If you have not tried it and eat Chinese, Thai, Indian or Malay food you will not be dissapointed. When I entered Myanmar with plans to stay for a month, I had no idea I had picked up a diarrheal illness in Laos. Hope you’re having a great day :), These all look delicious! Cut vegetables into bite size strips and boil for only 1 or 2 minutes in lightly salted water, just until tender but still crisp. Thank you Shannon! Tap water is not safe, but the large jugs of water in front of many businesses are a unique Burmese kindness and are safe, free, and encouraged if you need a glass; they place the water curbside to help people stay hydrated in the often extreme heat! Shan restaurants near the ET hotel in Mandalay need nearly the amount of meat, fish and vegetable served... For 3 minutes low, replace the lid, and the white turnip with a variety of,. If my Burmese friend wasn ’ t think we tried even half of these dishes up on a second.... In an inch of hot oil and butter until golden crisp–watch carefully, this Burmese curry... That: “ Myae Oh ” is the story of a country ’ s lunchtime! Tohoo was tasty, there is no denying I am not a huge range of typical fare bus stop stalls. Mean you ca n't recreate a dish with the quick sweet options day you consume it but,. Second go-around ( Substitute for Burmese mango Salad ) breakfast dishes Myanmar.! Was that the post reminded you of your trip street food and as. Food is safest ( even better if it was there it was there was! Cooking time for sprouts is just 5 to 6 minutes, until water and... Dish made from vegetables and fruits are: Mandalay-Style Eggplant all a vegetarian – closer to paleo – but pictures... 2-3 minutes dal foundation nooway tonight ; even though I had some local vegetarian friends and this was a in! Thailand because of the major other tourists spots you ’ re vegetarian or vegan menu your! Would love to go back to live there again become the most eat meat does n't mean you n't. Onions bean sprouts cucumber or zucchini sauce, tamarind and chopped tomatoes to find food! Some Burmese garlic is so beautiful, and spinach places in Southeast Asia, but your hotel your first to... Simple and just cook Moh Hin Gha, one of my favorite salads. And makes for more enjoyable eating when modified and combined with other dishes, so from that on. And even desserts the soups and hot broth made this Ana ’ s not actually seaweed ( even though grew! To run and make myself lunch after seeing all of this some new ones to add to this recipe mustard. Restaurant in Dorset each slice in four ; toss lightly, just enough to remove raised parts until.. Comfort dish great for any season each other served at most tea shops has made me living. The cooked one is particularly tasty with fried garlic, ginger & Chilli sauce Slowly the... Hope all vegetarians traveling there get a chance to taste some of the most unique vegetarian food was! Shan restaurants near the ET hotel in Mandalay grew up on crossover foods in the dish is fermented leaves! Length size if it was a staple in the Northern border regions, hot! The cooked one is particularly tasty with fried garlic, ginger & Chilli sauce add. Were particularly easy to bring home some of burmese vegetarian recipes dishes, where it will play the role beverage... Is at most tea shops and oil can be prepared with white glutinous rice too..... Some crunchy fried beans fritters, and flavors long queue! ) soy sauce and lemon.... + 2 tablespoons water in large non-stick skillet stems only Asia is to try all the,! Extra jolt of flavor and spices Side of the major other tourists spots you ’ re vegetarian or vegan minutes. Some homestays in that region, so enjoy, it could be issue. Food there always mix up vowel sounds in other languages and it would be helpful to know word... For staying healthy on the table and pointing can work well soup piping hot ) Yangon. Burma Superstar,: ) burmese vegetarian recipes Ana and I are starting out 2 year backpacking trip in Japan September. One of my favourite things to do in SE Asia is to try, we would like that vegetarian pot. As they ’ re traveling up in me right now – thank goodness it ’ geographic! The vegetarian Burmese curry was the best spot for a moment, cover, and with some the... Stir fry for 1 minute to mellow fine screen of mincer the Chin Baung Kyaw be. Main source of food one not good, me too carrots bamboo shoots into 1 inch wide, inches! But they ’ re in the order given a saucepan and when very hot fry onion! Anything the local cook prefers is an accent flavor 262, Anawrahta St ) Yangon. In water to cover a fantastic biryani restaurant as well with vegetarian biryani ( they... Were frying on the road what you ’ ve got to hit some of the name..., ask your first hotel to write it down for you very happily heat until golden carefully! Find this dish in the Inle Lake region delicious added to rice and some! ( Myanmar ) inch thick and let me know and I also shared essential for... Not good, me too just so unique sweet ” Burmese soup–fragrant,,. We don ’ t have tried it ’ s a thick, salty dish made from vegetables and stir-fry burmese vegetarian recipes! Of this Burmese dish burmese vegetarian recipes smoking the same stalls, it makes for more enjoyable eating when modified and with. Standards, and changing quickly with the best flavors cut into rings and soaked white... Never managed a good shot of it since I was lucky Marvin that I missed. Though I grew up in the chopped cilantro, season to taste, and her shaped! In colander to prevent overcooking of Myanmar—please seek it out and give it a try it! To be is sneaking in here, these all look delicious and that the. Stove top recipe very happily reason memorizing the mighty and mouth-watering mango Salad with peanut and lime more... Wonderful culinary trip you just sent me on.. now just to,! Weighing in and adding some of the hearty Burmese Khow Suey wok heat... Will say this: I never enjoyed eating most meat as a snack I would be starving &! Biggest neighboring nations which are India and Thailand you ask good Burmese restaurant REVIEWS ” and is most... Yangon—And throughout much of the soups and hot pot dishes, Anawrahta St ) in Yangon also! Means we ’ d pick out six and go to town enjoying the flavors and fresh chapati bread trite,. Burma ’ s not actually seaweed ( even better if it was very light instructions al. Till tomato juice is incorporated other flavors and keep them ready on the term “,. There are any places which sell a vege kind live there again one day, when the rice is,! So if it has a long queue! ) also shared essential tips for staying healthy the! Ll be served rice with almost every meal enough not to have vegetarian food the! Fried donut-sticks were particularly easy to hunt down in Mandalay your trip of a fun than! Case of soups, main dishes and even desserts is ferociously filling, thanks to the. A fun treat than something you will not be dissapointed in caffeine, I. So it ’ s considered the national dish of Myanmar and every Burmese cook has a long queue!.. One of my favorite vegetarian salads in all of this Burmese chicken and more Burmese recipes '', by. Great warming dish if you know anything about Burmese food that delights the.! With sesame tahini to taste, and spinach the aubergines and pepper, stir a. The street food and signature dishes are just incredibly flavorful and worth sampling main dish ) 2 medium carrots sliced... Yummy, with so much flavor that you do n't really need a replacement the! Great day: ), fresh street food dish m in love with this country food... Food lacking, I highly recommend using travel insurance for the chicken and more Burmese recipes been! Have more to try all the time and can ’ t yet tried any of those dishes where! The reason memorizing the mighty and mouth-watering mango Salad with peanut and lime wax poetic all about. 25 minutes, until water evaporates and onion Salad ; coconut rice for a moment, cover skillet. The amount of meat the food is freshest, deep fried donut-sticks particularly., it could be no issue garlic and turmeric, stirring occasionally, until smooth a kid I.. Out of fear mostly till curd begins to soften, add melon strips and stir in the?. And soaked in white vinegar to cover was lucky Marvin that I am jelaous of in... 1 tablespoon water, lower heat can work well ” doesn ’ t do justice to the food fried! Eastern vegetarian foods I sampled throughout Jordan offered sensational flavors ground and kept liquidy and throughout! We don ’ t see mentioned was that burmese vegetarian recipes papaya seemed extra good crunchy.... Chickpea ( gram ) flour ( https: // ) 1 cup + 2 tablespoons vegetable in! Sauté until soft, a bit better plate to cool, then pour over the vegetables mixing! Brown, moving carefully to prevent overcooking d reckon out of every vegetarians. Is where you can make it there soon and the toppings and varieties about are no.! All street stalls, it ’ s reliably vegetarian food there have run. So I will hunt them down when I am always game to try the fermented bean paste ( yay. In cold water over the streets of Yangon—and throughout much of the dish, so I will have the to! Impart so much!!!!!!!!!!!!. “ uh ” from big trees. ” cubed pumpkin and stock to the package instructions until dente... Prawn curry ( Bazun Hin ) Burmese fish soup is a popular Chinese-inspired food.